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Unholy Fusions

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lol i was about to say thats famas and G36 not p90


just had to repost this. best bullpupped G36 ever (i tidied it up a bit, there were 2 fire selectors)




how i would love to do this with an M93r



and finally 2 modifications i did to an HK47 someone posted.

first the HK74



and now the HK74u





and spencer, i think the join beweetn the P90 and G36 looks wrong. i still think it would be awesome if someone made a realistic looking future perfect style SPB with a sort of break barrel system that the mag goes in. that would be sweeeeeet

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Yeah, Agent Spencer gave me the initial draft and start of the XM90, thanks to him I got an idea to base off before I started.


And I rather like the shorter and more P90 one...


The HK74 is awesome too... I would buy/make one if I could

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The cocking tube is too short to actually work.


quiet you! i was too lazy to do a better chop job on it.


and im not sure, i kinda like the mp5 bolt there. hmm, perhaps an enlarged MP5 bolt where an AK bolt would be, could be interesting HK slapping with an AK.

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mercilesspitt thats some awsome designing :blink: *wants* :P

i nearly died laughing at some of the designs would be kool if someone started up an airsoft hybrid factory based on some of these designs and sold them commercially :) lol would turn the world of airsoft topsy-turvy lol :P


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