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As in depth as I could think of review of the CM.122 or CYMA AEP P226. If I missed anything please let me know Thank you and I'll try and get pic up as soon as I can get my camera working again.


So let get started, In the came this well packaged little AEP, just like anyother AEP would come or GBB for that matter but who wants to hear about the packaging as we all know it's CYMA and therefore deffinently good enough.


External Review:

In that case on to the gun itself. She's made out of ABS reinforced plastic with a metal slide, that's right a METAL (all be it Pot metal-cast) slide. When it came to the finish of the exterior it was a little shinny, but nothing a can of cylone wouldn't take care of. The decocking lever on the side of the gun acts like the selector switch with fully extended upwards being semi-auto and fully extended downwards being Fully-auto fire. The safety switch can be found looking like the take down lever on the TM versions or the real steel counter part. The hammer does move but does not move with out you moving it. It's just there for looks and is free moving I guess is what I'm trying to say. The rail underneath the gun does fit your standard lights and what not, but does seem a little wide at first glance. Looking at the guns external dimentions further the gun is not only longer then the TM one, but also a hair wider. Will this affect the ability to fit ito a Safari land or CQC holster or any other molded holster for that fact, it's currently unclear as I don't have one to test this theory. I will soon and will update it. Sorry for that. The slidecatch and release on the gun is used for removing the upper slide and insalling the battery. Just pull downward on the slide catch and pull foreward on the slide and POP! it comes off, easy peasy. Now on to the sights, Terriable is all I have to say. The front and rear are both non-ajustable and the rear is a very bad match to the TM or R/S. The notch at wich you line up the front sight within the rear sight is so small and almost non-exsistant that you are almost find yourself looking at a square block on the back of the gun where the rear sight should be. There are no trades and the screws missing in the pics of the RSOV site are not missing on the gun.


Well with everything being covered on the external parts of the gun that I can think of I'll move on to the Internal.


Internal Review:

There really isn't much to say here besides if you were to take a TM G18C AEP or a CYMA G18C AEP and rip out the guts you could put them inside of this one. PART for PART! No kidding. Maybe thats why the dimentions were a little off. CYMA got lazy and didn't want to design a new gearbox so they designed a body around a gearbox instead. With this being said, You can imagine my supprise when I realized my G18C mags and high-Caps fit into this gun and WORKED! Now like mentioned before in my posts earlier, You can fit and use the TM or CYMA Standards without problem but the Highcaps are a little tricky to fit into the gun. Honestly anything that can be upgraded on the TM or CYMA AEPs can be done so on this. Not to say it needs to be done cause once you shoot this you'll see it really doesn't need it. The stck mag recieved with this AEP will need alot of lube and some breaking in time or the BB's get jamed up inside of the mag but I'm sure it's thatway with any pistol mag, or at least it has been with the pistols I have bought new.


So who wants to hear about the shooting specs of the P226 AEP by CYMA, figured, most don't eve care about the other hard work put ito a review, they just want to know how the darn thing shoots, lol. So with out further adue...


Distance / Accuracy / ROF / FPS and so on review:

So what to cover first, well lets get on to the FPS part. now remember this is a AEP which means that you are supposed to use .12s not .20s with this, which is not to say you can't cause I do on all of my AEPs. It just lowers the accuracy. An for all purposes here all tests were done with Airsoft Elites .20s 5.98mm not .12s like they were maufactured for. So with FPS being feet per second lets begin


FPS: 1st shot-220 FPS

2nd shot-223 FPS

3rd shot-229 FPS

4th shot-219 FPS

5th shot-224 FPS

6th shot-227 FPS

7th shot-226 FPS

8th shot-224 FPS

9th shot-224 FPS

10th shot-230 FPS


These are the numbers of the 10 shots cronod on a dragon crono at 10 am in the morning with 1-3 MPH winds from the right side of the crono. Basically nothing to worry about..in ways of wheather. So with these readings you can see that there is very little differences in FPS which is good for consistancy and accuracy.


Accuracy @ 30 feet/10 meters:

1st shot-Hit

2nd shot-Hit

3rd shot-miss

4th shot-Hit

5th shot-Hit

6th shot-Hit

7th shot-miss

8th shot-Hit

9th shot-Hit

10th shot-miss


Now before you ask what was hit or missed please give me a second to explain. ;) The Hits are Hit of an empty Soda can at 30 feet. with the gun mounted in a shooting device. (Nothing I hate more then a accuray test with someone holding the gun saying it was accurate or inaccurate, it's all on the shooter. This way it's all on the gun!!!) 70% accurate at 30 feet for an AEP is not bad in my book especially without a Tightbore barrel and everything being stock, lol. Also for the accuracy tests the wheather was still the same as it was with the FPS tests, 1-3 MPH winds from the right side of the chrono.


Accuracy @ 90 feet/30 meters:

1st shot-Hit

2nd shot-Hit

3rd shot-Hit

4th shot-miss

5th shot-Hit

6th shot-miss

7th shot-miss

8th shot-Hit

9th shot-miss

10th shot-miss


The Hits are Hit of an empty 2ft X 2ft or .75 meters X .75 meters square box at 90 feet with the gun mounted in a shooting device. (Nothing I hate more then a accuray test with someone holding the gun saying it was accurate or inaccurate, it's all on the shooter. This way it's all on the gun!!!) 50% accurate at 90 feet for an AEP. Look at the distance and accuracy of those shots I mean wow! Not bad for an AEP, well in my opinion anyway. So with Distance in mind I put my wife down at the end of the road and begun to shoot at her. Well good and bad Idea, lol. I sure you can figure out why...The shots didn't go all the way down to the end of the road at 150ft, but ended up somewhere between 90 and 120ft give or take a little. I was too busy dodging rocks she was throwing back at me. NO she DOES NOT throw like a girl. Thought times like that I wish she did <_< .


Last but not least ROF:

Well this one I'm ot sure on cause to be honest I didn't do. I just plumb forgot to. I know, I know but the way I figure it is if everything is the same inside (and it is) as on the TM and CYMA then it begs to reason the the ROF will be the same / equivalent of that to the G18Cs of TM and CYMA.


Well this concludes my review of the P226 AEP from CYMA. I hope this was helpful in any and many ways. I have not camera at the time of this review as one of my daughters thought it might float this morning, but will have them up in a little bit after borrowing one from a friend. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have any questions...As always, just PM my Account.




Stock mag was just a little rough and needed a little lube to get working flawlessly (actually a lot) but once worked in it was good to go. I didn't clean the barrel, I honestly forgot. I know I should have for the tests. I just checked with a Standard M3 tac light and you can not mount it. Or any other accessory with a fixed mounting attachment. My original one I tried had an ajustible mount for widths (A screw with a plate to secure it) which is another thing I forgot to check. As for the barrel, it is not threaded for silencers, it's just like the CYMA CM.030 or G18C, and can easily be removed with a hacksaw or a pair of pliers. I also haven't gotten to check the fit on the holster yet so I have no idea if it can fit, but a spanish source says it CAN NOT. Wish I could check it though. Thanks again though for any imput I honestly appreciate it.

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Just got mine yesterday and while I'm really happy with the performance (it's almost as good as my TM 93R and I can use all my G18c magazines just fine), the pistol is way beyond 1 to 1 scale and is nearly as wide as my CM.121 Desert Eagle. Think of it as a P226 on steroids and chambering a .50 cal round.


The rail IS too wide and your basic M3 light will not fit. However, just a little sanding on the edge will resolve that quickly enough.


The red tip or black tip (aparently found everywhere else but the USA) should NOT be removed as we all have done with out G18c's. The reason is that the inner brass barrel also extends from the end of the slide by about 1/10th of a inch. Removing all of the tip, will leave some of the inner barrel un-protected. I would sugguest trimming the length of the tip. But don't go too far.


I also think the power is a bit better than my CM.030's, as you mentioned. Still a little slow, but then again TM's new GBB Five Seven is only shooting 240-250 with 134A. Not too much of a difference there.


Your statment on the sights are dead on. However, I noticed the rear sight can be removed from the slide by taking the two screws holding it in from inside of the slide. I might do this and try deepening the notch a bit with a file (the width of the notch is fine) and then add some white dots on bothe the rear and front sigts. Still, for as bad as they are, mine were right on and as I've had to deal with the old 1911A1 sights., i'm not going to get too cranky about this-for now.


Still, I really like the pistol and will probably have some fun "dressing it up" a bit.


Will purists looking for a true Sig P226 like it? Nope. Will AEP "shooters" like it? Yup, in fact I'll be getting another as soon as my retailer can get some more in.

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i got the P226 too and i am quite satisfied of it.

just some additional info other than the good review of Oldman1980


Here it is, paid € 59.90 + € 9.90 shipping (ilsemaforo.eu)

Package Contents:

the P226, 450mAh 7.2v battery, battery charger (power supply 7.2V 220mAh), bullet loader, some 0.20bbs, 1 30bbs magazine, cleaning rod , a poor sheet of instructions in English but with an interesting graph of disassembly.



Bought a magazine for the Glock Cyma compatible with the P226.

In fact it works perfectly, the only difference is the bottom, where the slope is slightly more 'pronounced. For this reason the magazine of the Glock18 enter a bit more 'inside the grip and it does require a particularly strong entry to the end, or risk losing it as soon as you start to shoot. Ergo, the magazine of glock18 can be used until a more widespread of those specific to the P226. Also we must not forget to grease the 2 springs with their pins inside the magazine, which, given their initial hardness, could create problems.



Aesthetically it is fairly anonymous, with a design that does not respect the original which is inspired by, the SIG-Sauer P226 Tactical. welcomes the apparent absence of Chinese written (the "Made in China" is printed on the bottom of grip, while the model of AEP is punched inside, underneath the barrel. Note: the Picatinny type rail differs from standard size, being about 3mm wider (width max teeth: 2.4 cm)




the gun tip is pure invention (or at least, it should be threaded), probably for the orange painting required by law by importing countries (immediately repainted by myself in black - Citadel Chaos Black spray is perfectly identical to that of the gun, otherwise any matte black will do). It appears, however, can't be removed.


What's wrong is, for sure, the safety driver: its leverage comes out too much from the shape of the pistol, and so arming inadvertently after contact, for example, with the holster.




So, when in the holster, the gun will never have the safety on.


The weight is noticeable, with battery and charger included did mark 860gr.

Of course, as other AEP on the market, the gun shoots both single and auto, tested, nothing unusual to report.


Under a totally superfluous stick applied to the bottom grip, we found the engine tuning but... surprisingly it lacks a small screw that was immediately restored (quality control?).



Tested immediately with the bbs supplied, the trajectory is linear even if the hop-up effect it's still too much on the finish. With 0.23, the effect is much more 'controlled.

Using 0.20bb and hop-up set at minimum, we recorded an average speed of 63 m/s.




for what could be seen without fully disassembly, we can see the air-set, hop-up chamber (metal), the hop-up lever, plastic, its tuning wheel (plastic), electrical cables with sheathing protection on welds, and the battery compartment with lever extraction, plastic (how long do you think it will last ..?)



in comparison with the Cybergun Beretta 92 (clone: Double Eagle M84):



Compared to Cybergun / Double Eagle, the Cyma hop-up appears more 'solid, both for the plastic used and for the thickness of the wheel which is adjustable through the overall rotation while Cybergun/DE is limited to half - rotation. Both have the hp chamber in metal. However, only time can give an effective response on the robustness and reliability of both, metal and plastic parts , where, for example, Cybergun/DE Beretta failed with unexpected breaks for both materials.


The barrel should correspond to a 122mm lenght, so compatible with the PDI precision barrel for Marui Beretta 93R.


Note the small seal interposed between the adjustable wheel and hop-up chamber to prevent breaks (not on cybergun / double eagle beretta, suggested his addition). I proceeded to lightly grease it with a bit of silicone grease.



Unfortunately there is no white sight with which I was used on cybergun.


That's all, the next week, the test in game.


NB - If necessary, remember to grease the 2 pins with their springs of the magazine, the first thing I noticed it was the difficulty of inserting bbs. Also i registered missed shots at the beginning but after the grease (or maybe after finishing the bbs in the box ..) now it does not miss a bullet.


I greased all the different mechanism as the safe, the trigger,the fire selector etc.


I put a bit of grease even outside of the chassis, making it much less plastic look, especially the part of the fake slide.



Conclusion: between the AEPs currently on the market worthy of note*, this is recommended to all those who:


are not lovers of the design of the Glock (marui or Cyma)


do not want to spend too much for USP marui


do not want to deal with the problems of reliability of the materials of cybergun / Double Eagle Beretta 92




* AEPs currently on the market with metal gears and 7.2V battery :


[*] Marui Glock 18

[*] Marui USP

[*] Marui Beretta 93

[*] Cyma Glock 18 (new version coming with metal slde)

[*] Cyma Double Eagle

[*] Cyma P226

[*] Cybergun / Double Eagle (clone) Beretta 92 elite

[*] Double Eagle USP (M81)

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