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Army Armament Full Metal MEU 1911

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Short and sweet picture review of the Army Armament MEU 1911

First off, I'm happy with the purchase! I ordered my Army Armament MEU 1911 from ebaybanned.com for 73.50 shipped! Order was placed on April 28th and the MEU arrived on the May 7th. They also were very clever with their shipping method and managed to get the MEU to my door with all trades intact and absolutely no orange to remove what so ever. This is going to be just a review of pictures so you can do the comparison to a TM MEU, which this is a clone of. I would do a side by side, but I just sold my TM MEU not too long ago :( If you would like to see a review of performance and visual differences between the two here is a link to Guinness's Mini-review:



Some differences from the TM MEU I noticed:
ARMY MEU Pachmayr grips seem to be more plasticky? then TM MEU, could be good or bad in some cases. The knurling is sharper meaning better grip, but it's not as soft as TM's Pachmayr grips.
The ARMY MEU has a little play in the slide, but that's normal with any sidearm metal bodies.
Trigger pull on the ARMY MEU is slightly longer? At least this is what I'm feeling
Hammer spring is stiffer on the ARMY MEU
Recoil spring is softer on the ARMY MEU? Or it could be the exact strength but feels sluggish with a metal slide. ARMY MEU still cycles completely through a full magazine and locks back, so no complaint here.
The ARMY MEU's magazine has a different looking valve then TM.
ARMY MEU magazine holds 27 rounds, it also come stock with an o-ring on the gas insert valve - very nice.

Other notes:
Upon arrival, the ARMY MEU should be disassembled and clean thoroughly before usage. I received mine with a bit of metal shavings, which I believe are from paint either wearing off on the inside from use, or from the machine process (unlikely)
Also, I’ve notice on mine that the slide lock will engage but the not to the full extent that the lock can engage, this is most likely from the magazine. A TM MEU magazine will probably work better, I will probably pick up a couple TM MEU magazines and update (Standby)
The thumb safety on my ARMY MEU was kind of loose upon arrival
As seen in pictures, with minimal usage, paint as already begun to wear off inside. Expect frequent service after usage until there is no paint left to wear off. Edited by Leatherneck
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The metal seems to be of good quality, or at least the paint is. If anyone as owned a TM MEU, you'll quickly notice that the finish on the metal parts will wear off in your hands and you'll see that cheap pot metal starting to show. I don't know about anyone else, but I always like to keep an airsoft weapon around me when I'm in the house :D . That's also how I wore it down so quickly.


The paint on the metal is kind of interesting, it seems as if they were going for a carbon coloring, much like the Western Arms carbon GBB versions. It's black paint but within the paint you'll notice some silver sparkle, might sound weird, but the overall outcome of the paint is quite nice.


As for listing parts that are metal, it would be easier to list the parts that are plastic/rubber. The magazine is metal and has the usual plastic bumper/shoe and top. The only other pieces that are non-metal would be the loading nozzle, grips, and the hop-up unit.


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Sadly I haven't had the chance to field it, I've only test fired it in house. Regardless it feels awesome, since its a little heftier then my plastic TM MEU, but that does have its disadvantages. And it has that great metal on metal "kachink" you get from FMJ pistols.

Edited by Leatherneck
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on my one the kick seems to be reasobably strong for a TM style 1911. However it's feels sluggish compared to my metal slide hicapa, but maybe the comparison is unfair as the hicapa is somewhat upgraded.

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i was not so convinced on the pictures i saw on this, but today i saw this live and shot with it many times, man im in love :rolleyes: this model is very nice! VERY nice, and pretty accurate what i was shooting with it and with nice little kick on it, surely not a waste for this money! worked like a charm.

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Can I use this as spare parts towards a TM 1911?


I'm thinking of using parts such as the trigger, mainspring housing, beavertail safety, sights, hammer, and thumb safety to put change my M1911A1 to an MEU.


Not exactly sure if the parts are 100% compatible or to exact specs, but TM magazines do fit so I wouldn't doubt that the parts would work.

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This review has put a big grin on my face.


I found out about the Army release of the MEU last week and was so made up, all metal slide and a fraction of the cost.


I've been rocking a TM 1911 for a year or so and its been great but i've been looking to get the MEU, but kinda hesitant to have to pay quite a bit for the metal frame and slides, so this is a blessing.


The compatability of the TM mags with the Army MEU has been my only concern, but as pervious posts have stated, the mags are compatible so I can still use my 1911 mags, winner.

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i also recently aquired an army meu.

it has an impressive "kickback" and it feels really nice when firing.

Does seem to leak a bit, and does feel a bit klunky.

will klick and klunck if you shake it.

otherwise, nice metal feel, very heavy and sturdy.

the safety was surprisingly well in place, despite it being on the grip.

i know of many pistols going off at random while the safety is supposed to be holding it, but it never happened with this one.


also, i don't see wats the complaint about the plasticky grips.

the rough things help you hold on very well.


overall, very nice gun, worth the money.

not to mention i got it in hong kong for cheap cheap cheap cuz i live here!

really can't wait to field test it.

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has anyone been able to separate the inner barrel assembly from the outer barrel...i cant find a way to do it...

Actually I did. I had to file the part that locks hop-up unit in the outer barrel a bit, as it didn't want to come out any other way. Apart from that, the metal part that pushes the hop-up rubber down happened to be crooked in my gun. After solving that problem, the gun proved pretty accurate and fault-free in an airsoft IPSC tournament.

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