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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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Your nuts.

Works fine :)

CQB is M100, FullAuto is M120, and snipers works with safety distance.

Nobody shoots more then 5-5½J, due to lack +0.43g BB's, giving a range of around 75-90meters and a safety distance of 40 meters.

British "Snipers" shooting only M100 may be jealous, but it makes the game a bit more tactical, as it gives a real difference in range.


We are not nuts, we just play the game without your laws... there is a subtle difference. ;)

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My feeling is they were probably buoyed substantially by contracts during Aussie deployment in Afghan, which allowed them to develop a lot of stuff and take a few more 'risks' and do more runs of smal

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ebaybanned have released a copy of the version 2 kit.Don't worry,it's far to ugly to live long http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?cur...dfdedec0f24540b it looks like they have used up a batch of sports t shirt material.I prefer the looks & fit of their Mrk 2,version 1s.

I don't know if my earlier post was removed or if this post failed to send for some reason.If the post was removed for some reason i'd appreciate knowing so i don't try posting again,ta.

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There have been a ton of pics with AFSOC in multicam, its almost becoming a regular thing.

Even the SERE specialists on my base are wearing it now.

I was told I couldn't wear mine to my SERE refresh course, though he was surprised I owned some :lol:

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