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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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Supposedly to make shouldering the rifle against your rig more secure.



Hence the name "stock locks"... I just had to say it...... :D


Looking good on the chassis, you got me thinking about getting rid of my doubles for singles....

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My feeling is they were probably buoyed substantially by contracts during Aussie deployment in Afghan, which allowed them to develop a lot of stuff and take a few more 'risks' and do more runs of smal

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Just seems you got a lot of randomness going on to me, I don't know exactly what you're trying to pull off so it's difficult to comment.


ACU + MC doesn't match to me and never will do. Then you seem to be running a lightweight, high-speed soft armour and chest rig...but with a huge MAP and another bag.



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I'm going to taking part in a Military Parachute course to raise money for a local childrens Hospital.The local press came round & took a few pix & asked me to dress as i'll be going out of the plane door.The Para course has asked the participants to dress in the camoflauge of their Country of origin or a none specific Camo.I can do both with British troops adopting MTP & wearing Multicam.


My Propper Multicam trousers were in the wash so i wore china copies for the pix,the shirt is genuine.

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Soooo I sketched out my next loadout a couple nights ago, thought I'd share. I already have half of the stuff.


(There was no way I was going to even attempt to draw the MC pattern:P )






-MC Combat Shirt, Pants GenII (most likely EBB ACM)

-Pantac Duty Belt (Khaki)

-ACM Safariland 6004 Clone (Black)

-Oakley SI Assault Boots (Tan)

-Mechanix Original Gloves (Black)

-Oakley M Frames (may go for Guarder 2007/Action Replicas)

-Tan Ball Cap

-Bowman Replica Headset

-Flyye Ciras (Land, Khaki)


-Pantac MAP (Khaki)

-Pantac M60 Pouch (Khaki)

-Pantac Open-Top Shingle x2 (Khaki)

-Pantac Open top pistol pouches x4 (Khaki)

-Flyye Double M4 Pouch (Khaki)

-Flyye Single M4 Pouch x2 (Khaki)

-Flyye Admin Pouch (Khaki)

-Flyye Medic Pouch (Khaki)

-Flyye Horizontal Utility Pouch (Khaki)


-G&P M4A1 Marine Body

-G&P LE Stock


-ACM KAC Style Supressor


-G&P Vert Foregrip

-G&P Aimpoint w/Cantilever mount

-DBoys BUIs

-G&P Single Point Sling


-KSC USP .45 System 7 (Black)


-90% More muscle xD


I think that's everything. If anyone's interested, I only used reference on the trousers :)



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