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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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My feeling is they were probably buoyed substantially by contracts during Aussie deployment in Afghan, which allowed them to develop a lot of stuff and take a few more 'risks' and do more runs of smal

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I'm more excited about the upcoming ABS helmets OPS-Core is developing. A lot cheaper than my Carbon Fiber OPS-Core Bump helmet.


Any info on the ABS helmets? I've been wanting to buy the Bump and it's a long waiting list! But if the ABS is coming up soon and it's lighter than the CF version, I'm happy to wait.



135 Euro!?!? Boy I'm glad I got mine in HK...just under 30% cheaper.

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I've owned Vans before (well almost two decades ago when I was in high school). I remember them being very comfy. I think the problem with these are the multicam material itself which isn't stretchy and thus force your foot to conform to the shoe rather than the other way around. I also have very wide feet.

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Quick Pics of me in gear I haven't worn for about 2 years. Time to get back into airsoft! I just chucked everything up on the Molle, it's not how I'd necessarily skirmish it, but a blank drop-leg would look a little pointless!


A couple different pics from a couple different cameras on a couple different days.





Kit List, since you probably won't be able to make it out in to photos. From bottom to top!


Converse Warrior Tan 8"

Ebaybanned MC Combat Pants w/ Crye Precision tan knee pads

5.11 Coyote TDU Belt

Crye Precision Combat Shirt Gen 1 w/ CP tan elbow pads

Under Armour Tan t-shirt

Green Craghopper microfleece

Damascus MX-30 gloves

Bozzer Belt in MultiCam

2 x On Patrol rectangular drop-leg molle rigs.

On Patrol dump pouch

On Patrol upright GP pouch

On Patrol single pistol mag pouch

On Patrol Rolly-polly dump pouch

Condor GP Pouch

Flyye Coyote Fast Attack Plate Carrier

4 x On Patrol double Mag pouches

Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 RH holster

Militarynames.com MultiCam velcro Union Flag

ACM MLI velcro patch

ACM tan bungee sling

Tan Shemagh

5.11 fleece hat


Future additions:

Oakley SI gloves in Tan (lost one of the Damascus ones) My black Oakley SIs are amazing, might as well complete the set!

Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 holster (LH) - To go on the left drop-leg

MC Admin (need to fill the top of the FAPC when the Serpa goes

Holster for my USPc


That's all at the moment! Hopefully I'll get some better quality pics up at some point. Feel free to comment, criticise etc. Apologies for the Myspace-esque mirror shot, my iPhone just doesn't cut it! The other shot is from my flatmate's camera.


Cheers! :)



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It's a FSBEII helmet cover and my loadouts are mostly based on Marine Force Recon. I however quite like Multicam and tend to wear that more than MARPAT. It's kinda silly to have a tan/desert helmet here in Michigan, so the MARPAT works out nicely. Plus, I like the contrast it provides.

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Note: Theres a copyright on the two images, because I currently haven't been able to grab the actual photos from my mom's computer. She comes out to the Fort Ord games, takes picture during the game and sells them. Its a nice little business with a good following XD. Will update when I can.






Unknown Brand Chest Rig (Same design as Guarders)

X2 Condor Double M14 mag pouches

X2 SKD SAW pouches

X1 Eclipse Flashbang pouch



Second Line:

TAD Gear FAST pack belt w/ ACM suspenders

X1 TAD Gear GPP2 pouch

X1 Full Clip USA Dump pouch

X1 Condor Double M4 w/ 2 pistol mag pouches

Blackhawk SEPRA Holster for a Glock 26


Condor hat w/ MSM Multicam patch

No Name Brand MICH 2001 Helmet (Top photo) w/ Ipod Nano 5g Video and external backup battery

Howard-Leight Sport Impact Earmuffs ( which -is- needed IMO, because the noise maker on the KAC PDW is freaking loud indoors. )

Palidain Go Bag (Top photo)

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