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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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Anyone got any good suggestions for not-super-expensive Multicam uniforms? At the moment I'm thinking the best compromise is probably the Tru-Spec pants and combat shirt, but if there's chinawear that's actually above the cut or a great deal out there on Propper or whatever, I'd love to hear it.

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So, how much does all that weigh fully loaded?

No idea. I've only ever considered "does this rig do what I want it to?". As long as the answer is yes, and its not so cumbersome to make me immobile, i'll use it.


Individual pouches will come and go, and layouts will be tweaked, but i'm always going to run slightly more than I need to give myself a challenge.

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Hello everyone!


Just a quick picture of the pile o' MultiCam kit I took to RAF Cranwell for a small infantry exercise I was playing enemy for. We were told to bring dessie kit if we had any. Of course, I had to bring my MC gear! It held up wonderfully!


I imagine "in-game" pics will be posted on a certain social networking site, I see if I can find them later.


I didn't take my combat pants because they look so far from the norm people would have been a bit confused by them. Plus all the Regt guys might have taken the ###### a bit! I'll take them next time. I took some old chinese copies and put the combat pants' knee pads in them. Massive advantage over everyone else. Especially for firing and manoeuvring. Even had to lend my Bozzer belt and a double mag pouch to a fellow enemies who had nothing to carry their mags in. Lucky I brought enough kit! :)





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Are they actually keeping up with orders now, last time I dealt with them (for a battle belt or whatever it's called) they couldn't even get Gov orders out in a timely manner.

I don't know what they're like these days, i managed to grab the suspenders 2nd hand. My last experience ordering direct was some 2-3 years ago ordering a leg panel and admin pouch as a gift for my brother. Long story short, the items took a couple of months to arrive and completely missed his birthday. In the meantime they sent me a full refund for the order, so the free gear must have been a "good will gesture". Very strange.

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No, ICE Tactical are still HORRIBLE on deliveries. Blackstone Tactical was acting as a US Distributor for a while and recently gave up on ICE Tactical as well. You want suspenders? There are tons of alternatives that are probably better (I have the ICE Tactical suspenders):

* Crye Precision

* Emdom USA

* BlueForceGear

* HighSpeedGearInc's are simple, but they work.

* DiamondBlackTactical


Only go with ICE Tactical if you like extremely long waits, and a 25% chance at best that you'll get your product. If you find someone that has the item in stock ready to ship, then do that. Otherwise, avoid it.

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