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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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I've got a ranger hoodie (tan), a stealth jacket (tan), and a marino hoodie (OD). All go very well with MC, or with anything else, TAD Jackets get attention just about everywhere I go. If you want some more good pics of jackets check out militarymoron.com.


Of course the best thing to ware over your MC is......


RV1_front.JPG (I'm too lazy to take pics of mine)


Do Crye still make the range vest? USed to have a repro one and liked it some much I'd love a real one...

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My feeling is they were probably buoyed substantially by contracts during Aussie deployment in Afghan, which allowed them to develop a lot of stuff and take a few more 'risks' and do more runs of smal

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Got some toys in from SKDtac today... ranger plates as well as some blue force gear ten speed pouches and BFG dumper, some ESStac wedge pouches that have adjustable height settings, I also found my old 90 degree adapters that I'm going to mount one of the ten speeds on for my right hand side. Once I get my chassis in I'll post up some better pics, but for now


Here is the gear



Here are pics of the dumper


Folded up





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DD vest came in, now accesorized



On the front, 4x ESStac Wedge 5.56 pouches with 2x blue force gear double 5.56 ten speed pouches



Blue force gear ten speed double 5.56 pouch on a custom 90degree pannel on my right side




My left hand side has an HSGI mini MAP pouch



On my Back a Flyye Chasis system hydro pouch in the center, a Phantac Sabre pouch on my left and a Village Tactical bottle pouch on my right


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In the last AI or combat and survival mag they had the new Blackhawk catalogue it had the new HPFU in MC and they had http://www.uscav.com/Productinfo.aspx?productid=18276&tabid=548 one of these in MC I can't find it online anywhere yet but that could be an option for anyone looking for a range vest.

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I think it's similar in concept but not in execution. This is to cover up your wicking shirt if you are at base or someplace without armor on, which was the original purpose of the range vest. Then the range vest turned into a non-armored tactical vest as well, for use at "the range". With pockets galor, MOLLE webbing, and a hydro sleeve it even makes a decent rig for a day of airsoft.


Phantac makes a replica that is about $100 more expensive than the original, but it's still a damn good copy.

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Don't forget this even cheaper one (made by 5.11 of all things); it's surprisingly nice.

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