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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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My feeling is they were probably buoyed substantially by contracts during Aussie deployment in Afghan, which allowed them to develop a lot of stuff and take a few more 'risks' and do more runs of smal

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Didn't realize you guys were there at that op, I woulda said hi!  I was Spice, from California... was with you in the overcrowded assault element on the night op, at least.


Sigma, would have been good to meet ya!  



Lightemup...... That's pure sexy right there! Nice YOTE too ;)


You know it!  

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Crye Combat pants are designed to be worn rather high compared to what most pants are designed for these days. The preferred way to wear them would be at the navel or just under it, however, many people have trouble getting used to that since nearly all modern pants are designed to be worn at the middle of the hip or sometimes lower. 

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TMC Airframe
Crye Airframe rails
Crye MC Airframe cover
Z-tactical headset mounts
Z-tactical Comtac II
Custom made ANVIS battery pack with cover
V-lite (replica)
ESS Profile NVG goggles
Clawgear Tan scarf
Dummy PVS-14 NVG mount
Dummy PVS-14 (full metal)
Crye JPC in coyote
PIG Hydration Carrier Gen 2
TT Fight Light Multi-Purpose Pouch
PIG BRIG Shoulder Pad
Esstac M4 KYWI Double Mag Pouch
TAS Rapid Access Medical Pouch
J'aimetac M4 shingle pouch (custom made)
J'aimetac roll-up dumppouch (custom made)
Velcro pad for game-specific pouches (custom made)
Toysoldier MBITR in custom made pouch
Z-tactical PTT modded with MBITR-plug.
Toysoldier foldable Antenna
CAT Tourniquet
Dummy Sapi-plates
Crye Combat shirt Gen2
Crye combat pants Gen2
Crye low-profile belt
Eagle large utility pouch
J'aimetac grenade pouch (custom made)
Crye gunclip G17
Fast-Mag for pistol-mags
Quechua Forclaz 700 shoes
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He might have NODS that require a rhino arm.


I have NODs that require me not spending $$$ on a mount.  :)


I've since replaced the Airframe with a FAST, although that doesn't change anything about the point you're making.  I did have the NODs on earlier, which is why the mount was on there instead of say, my GoPro.  I see your point but don't feel like shelling out the cash for a Wilcox or something when "if it ain't broke..."

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Yeah its like super duper high speed lid and arm from 10 years ago, lol, but I understand wilcox and norotos' newer stuff is retarded priced, like buying it instantly makes every shot dead on target from magic juju they rub on the mount.

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