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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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Is that a TMC 6094 replica in Multicam? If so, how do you like TMC's version of Multicam? I've seen it being quite pink sometimes, and other times it has been a bit too purple in the over all hue of all colors. Sometimes it looks just like real Multicam Cordura should look like, so I'm stumped on what's up with the coloring of TMC's fabric. Besides that question, I think your kit is really nice, are you running anything on the back?

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Is that a TMC 6094 replica in Multicam? If so, how do you like TMC's version of Multicam? I've seen it being quite pink sometimes, and other times it has been a bit too purple in the over all hue of all colors. Sometimes it looks just like real Multicam Cordura should look like, so I'm stumped on what's up with the coloring of TMC's fabric. Besides that question, I think your kit is really nice, are you running anything on the back?


Yeah, it's the TMC. I haven't seen much real multicam kit around, but from what I've seen it gives me the impression  of it being somewhat darker/"pinkish" than the real deal which is a lot more "green". On mine it's there, I mean.. you can tell it's not real multicam, but it's really really subtle and overall it's mostly alright. It's definitely "greener" than the Emerson multicam though, that's for sure. I think the biggest giveaway on replica MC are the PALS... TMC's webbing is far better than Emerson's as far as multicam goes... then again, I haven't compared real MC side by side... guess I should've done so when a friend brought his Crye JPC to a skirmish.


And thanks! I'm not running anything on my back since I'm trying to carry mainly what I need (5 midcaps + 2 twenty rounders on my pockets and 1 on the gun). I don't even carry hydrations anymore since I found that a gatorade bottle on the leg pocket doesn't bother me much at all. But then again... haven't really played a long skirmish in a while... for that I've got a TMC hawg which I have around just in case. 

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I've noticed that Emerson's Multicam is much worse than TMC, especially the coloring on the PALS like you said. Are the PALS on your 6094 also in Multicam or are the coyote tan like the older model of the 6094? Also, is the pink-ish color more noticeable in pictures or is it also there when you look at it with your own eyes? I've been toying with the idea of getting a TMC 6094 Slick, with the TMC copy of the LBT-2586j, both in Multicam. Since I have not been able to sell my LBT-6094a in Coyote Tan, and I'd like a Multicam plate carrier, I was thinking about going for a more economic option, hence why I'm now interested in TMC. I still love my LBT-6094a too much though, I would be sad to sell it...


When you get the two PRC-152's, you could buy some of the extension wires so that you're able to route the antennas to the back of your plate carrier while still being able to carry the PRC-152's in the cummerbund without the antennas sticking up into your face and complicating the shouldering of your rifle. I did that on my 6094 and having the antennas out of the way while still looking cool is quite nice while wearing the kit. As for hydration, have you looked into the LBT-6142 series of hydration pouches? They can be a bit pricey, and I can imagine the shipping to Chile to be quite a price to pay. Still, they are amazing bits of kit, but there are many more hydration options out there and if you're comfortable with what you've got already then that's great, and much cheaper!


Thanks for your answers, I appreciate them greatly.

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About the antennas, yeah! I've actually bought one blade antenna kit which I'm routing to my back. I'll probably get another one although in the meantime I'll just use the same dummy guitar cord (which I'm using for the fake dual comms) to route it to the regular antenna which is also going in the back. If I ever get a pack, I'll probably get a 3 day pack (in which I'll stick a dummy antenna too lol) and I'll carry my hydration and the rest of the necessities for a longer game.


Regarding the plate carrier, the PALS are in multicam, quite decent if you ask me, without the "multicam" trades all over them of course. Oh, one thing... this vest is not TMC's 6094 but TMC's "Assault Plate Carrier". I don't know how are the more recent 6094's made by TMC, but I had one in MJK and this "APC/MMAC/however you wanna call it" it's a lot better if you ask me. 


Here's a pic I took when I first got it (should've posted in the first time lol). Lighting is a flash bounced on a white ceiling so it's pretty neutral and very much as it looks in daylight. It's actually not really off now that I think about it. You be the judge. In my opinion, for regular airsofting, just get the TMC APC IMO. It's just too good for the money. Get two of them if you worry about durability. Personally, I haven't had any lose stitches in the 4 months I've had it. 




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I get it, it's a copy of the Eagle Industries MMAC, not the LBT-6094, but they are both very similar. I can see that there's a bit of pinkish hue in the brown colors on the PALS, and a little bit on the top of the front plate pocket. Even though I have found that real Multicam(all from Crye) have been different, some being more reddish brown, and others being a little bit more vibrant green, I have not seen any Multicam by Crye that is this pink. Not that it's extremely far off in the coloring, but still. 


I wouldn't be interested in buying two, I think that TMC's quality would hold up well enough for the use I would put it through. Still, I don't really feel like getting rid of my current LBT-6094a and getting a TMC copy instead. Oh the dilemma!


Again, thank you for the information and the picture!

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Diggin' the Airframe cover, Soap - Just picked up one of my own. How do you like the MPLS?

It's the red version (low and high functions), and it's great for low light work when you don't want to blind yourself or give away your position.  If you notice, I don't run big, bright flashlights on my kit.  I prefer dim red lights since they don't mess with your night vision (NODs or adjusted eyes) and are harder to spot from a distance.  I haven't gotten to test it out in a field setting yet, but I've used it at ITS during the night and indoors at different fields too.  It's kind of an emergency light really...

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Propper Boonie
ESS NVG Profiles (not pictured)
Scrim Net
SORD Field Coat
Casio G-Shock
Mechanix Gloves
Crye Precision Combat Pants
Merrell Moab Mids

Custom Split-front Rig
Custom 9mm Pouch
Custom M4 Pouch X4
Custom Glock Holster
Maxpedition Radio Pouch
Custom 12X5 GP Pouch
ITS Tactical Fatboy
Custom 4.5X5 GP Pouch


Tokyo Marui M4
Troy TRX 11"
VisionKing Shortdot
SPR Mount
Custom Quick-adjust Sling
Magpul MBUS
Magpul RVG
Magpul MSA


Tokyo Marui Glock 17
Streamlight TLR-1
Custom Stipple Job

I just got finsihed with all of the components for my latest rig and I wanted to share. I wish I would have made the vest about 6" longer, but another one can always be made. The suspender system is crazy comfortable due to all of the shockcord and elastic, it really makes all the difference when carrying a heavier load.

I finally broke down and got a field coat. It turns out that a Crye combat shirt isn't too warm in these Michigan winters. I am currently deciding on how to add hydration to this rig. I will update when I get something put together. The only other thing to be added are comms. They will be in shortly.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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Thank you.


The jacket is the first piece I have seen from SORD, and I am impressed. The stitching is spot on and the features make it well worth the price. I love the zippered bicep pockets the most.


I will say that it is generously sized, to the point of ordering a size down if you like a more athletic fit. It does offer a free range of motion without coming untucked which is good.


I would recommend them for sure.

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I will get my first pieces of Multicam in the mail today, as my team and I decided to put together a multicam loadout for milsim events. Decided to go for Propper pants and UBACs, as it seems to be a fair trade-off between affordability and quality (those Crye pants are goodlooking but damn are they pricy...). Just hope the pants fit. The guy I bought them from sold his Small Regular, but they tend to run big for as far as I can judge from interwebz reviews... 

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Me and the boys over the weekend.  I'm the bearded one.  We rock Multicam and Foliage Green.


From SC Village on 26/1/14
(L-R) Squirrel, Shaka, X21, Soap (me), OTT
Soap, OTT, X21
Soap, X21
Tactical hood slide
"I've been playing all goddamn day so take the f*****g picture already" kit pic
On the move
Majestic sunset pic
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And here it is. My apologies for both the indoor pics and the shoddy phone quality, but living in a big city I can't very well walk outside in full cammies now can I? ;)


Of course this is very much a work in progress and I don't expect to be done with it before summer comes around, but the first step is there. 




Arc'teryx Cap

Oakley M-Frame

Some Shemagh

Propper UBACs

Propper Trousers

Salomon Comet 3D GTX


My blaster was originally a DB M4 CQBR, although there is increasingly little left of the stock parts...


Planning to add in the coming months: Warrior Assault Systems first and second lines and quite possibly a patrol pack. 

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Oh sorry about that.

So hum...

Ur-Tactical OPS ECWCS.
Eagle SKD Universal Chest Rig.
Ur-Tactical OPS Tactical Messenger bag. With FLYYE triple M4 + FLYYE Low Profile Operation Pouch AOR1 + FLYYE Double 9mm pouches + FLYYE SAF Admin Panel Khaki .
Claw Gear Stalker TDU Khaki.

Mechanixs gloces, tan-bk shemag, peltor.

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Thanks Ivan looking awesome as ever, I remember a long time ago you said you dont play is that still the case or am I completly off the beaten track (I'm sure it was you, I can remember thinking with all your lovely gear and guns its a shame it never gets used in anger fun lol) !

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