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A&K M60 Mk43 Mod 0 Initial impressions

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it's a vfc M60 second version copy (the revised version).


mine came with the second tooth of the piston broken off :( but it works fine now tough.


the gasregulator works fine here also.


i'm gonna do an fps test with some springs i have lying around when i get my fps meter back (prolly this weekend).

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I have a 9.6v 4600mAh crane stock style battery in my boxmag space. Fits just fine. Small tamiya connector and all wires hidden with room to spare.


As I've posted on the striker thread, the M60 nets about 15-18% lower fps for a given spring then when put into say a CA M249, and shows a little more loss when compared to an AEG. I've confirmed this with the math and by testing the same spring in three guns including the M60.


The reason is the longer stroke (distance from the pistonhead to the spring guide): springs in the M60 just get compressed less due to the longer mechbox.

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Hey guys i need some help. I have a broken box mag. I shoot 500rnds and it jammed I opened it up and stuff went wrong I found to other issues after clearing the jam I yellow wire that came off But I cant tell from were and the winding part will not hold tennsion any more. Any help would be great

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Well I love my Inokatsu, but this looks pretty fantastic for the price. My Ino set me back almost 2k so of course i expected a little more out of it. My girlfriend almost shat her pants when I ripped it apart right when I got it home. I say you cant lose for the price. Hillslam has been around for a good while and I would trust his impressions of the kit.

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How was gunners support out of interest? Speed of delivery from the day you bought and what postage did you use out of interest?


Sorry, im a bit excited ^_^ Ebaybanned never sent my first one, so after 3 weeks of waiting Ive finally been able to reorder from gunners.


No one hit any problems as of yet?

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I used regular air mail and it arrived in 7 days no probs there. And as for the missing battery i got a mail from Gunner that said that it will be sent to me asap. I have never had any probs with Gunner.

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Thanks for the great reviews guys! I've got mine on the way right now and should be getting it in the mail in a week or so, I'll be sure to post my impressions of it when it arrives ^_^


I too have long waited for an affordable M60, and the Mk43 Mod.0 is definitely my favorite M60 variant so A&K couldn't have picked a better gun to replicate for my tastes! I've thought about getting a LMG for a many years but the high price of a good looking and reliable (for an LMG) M60 always kept me from committing to buying one until now. I do wish A&K would have put the battery in the forend and used a BB hopper under the top cover like the TOP instead of a box magazine so you wouldn't have to have this giant cumbersome box hanging off the side of the gun (I'd just have a inert .308 belt hanging out instead).


But hey, for the price and apparent build quality I'll live with the big box on the side! Anyhoo, thanks again for reviews and I'll be sure to post my impressions when mine arrives in a week or so :D

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