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VFC Magpul MOE M4 Mini Review

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Here is a mini reveiw of the VFC Magpul MOE M4




Nicely done by WGC again. I ordered the gun on monday and received it today. Anyone that has hesitation to order from over seas shops, let me put your mind at ease. They are great. I live in NY and i get packages quicker from Hong Kong than I do from shops in California.


I ordered the MOE plus the following items:

10 pack of Pmags, aluminum rail kit for the MOE hand guard, magpul sling mount and 2 9.6v minis.





When i took the MOE out of the box you could tell right away that it was a well made AEG. All the trade marks were covered by something resembling skate board grip tape. It was easily peeled off the reveal the trades. There was no damage to the trades after removal.


There are 2 choices for this gun when you order it. One comes with the magpul rear sight and one comes with an M4 BUIS. I ordered the one with the magpul sight. When i opened the box, much to my suprise, not only did it come with the Magpul rear sight, but with the VFC BUIS also.




The gun overall is solid, no creak, squeaks or wobble. It comes out of the box with an orange plastic flash hider. Never fear, there was a black steel M4 flash hider in the box too. I have had some inquiry as to what battery will work. I ordered 2 intellect 9.6v 1400mah batteries and it fits in the lower part of the MOE handguard....its tight, but it fits. It would take 8.4 v minis with ease.




Out of the box with a 9.6v I am getting 22 rps at 380FPS. It has decent weight to it, like most VFC guns do. I can assure you it has the same exterior quality finish that other VFC's have as I have owned a HK416 before.




The only complaint I have is one I expected. For some reason VFC loves to put clear plastic hop up units in their guns. I would suggest replacing it with a metal chamber and a tight bore. The accuracy was so so, but i expected this as my other VFC was the same. Other than that its great. So if you buy one, plan on replacing atleast the hop up unit.




A couple of other things: This AEG has the functional bolt catch, a VFC favorite of mine. Be aware, if you put a prometheus Neo chamber in it, the bolt cover will not slap shut all the way as the chamber is a bit wider.




At $405 it is a great deal if you like magpul products. Price wiase it is a nice alternative to the $530 Magpul M4 with the systema internals.


If you are thinking about purchasing this gun, do not hesitate, it is worth it.

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