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Webtex bergen, Sniper case and PLCE webbing

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at the end of the review you mention that you are not sure how you fit the large back pouches on to the standard webbing yoke.


If you take one of the side pockets from your bergan, you'll find it has several fastex clips on the back, both male and female.

on the standard yoke there are two small loops either side of the grab handle.

take the top two pairs of clips on the side pocket, put the female section under each of the loops, and clip in the male section.

the centeral bottom clips form a larger, ajustable loop, which you, loop round the belt.


a similar process is used with both side pouches zipped together, for even greater carrying capacity. but I don't advise this, I tend to find that they flap around without the proper yoke.

when doubles are used the centeral male clips can also be clipped into the female clips on your utillity pouches


edit: wrote that there where clips where there are none

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