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MiniReview: ACM Aimpoint Micro T-1 w/ Larue QD mount

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MiniReview: ACM Aimpoint Micro T-1 w/ Larue QD mount


Since for some reason, I can’t seem to find an actual review of the T-1 aimpoints, here goes…


Most people already know the history of the aimpoint series of red dots. They are durable, bright, and have insane battery life. Only question is, how do the clones costing 1/10th the price stack up? This particular model I have here is a copy of the increasingly popular T-1 Micro sight. It’s Aimpoint’s lightest sight but with the same features as the full sized models.


I bought this replica from Dragonredairsoft.com for $70 shipped. I know, it’s a bit more than the $65 at Ebaybanned, but after all the problems I’ve heard people having with EBB, I stayed away. Also, this sight shipped in only a week, so bravo Dragonred. I suppose the $5 is worth it to ship it 2 weeks sooner than the 3 wks average I’ve heard for EBB.


To the sight itself…

The ACM T-1 comes in a plain and small cardboard box, but is nicely packed with foam. There is a copy of the RS t-1 manual included. Also, it comes with most of the tools necessary to install the sight and its mount. Finally, it comes with very nice rubber lens covers as well as an extra CR1620 battery. One thing to note here, the manual says a CR3120 battery and the RS T-1 takes CR3120 batteries (I think) but the ACM copy takes a CR1620 lithium battery.


When I took this out of the box, I was pretty impressed. Finish was a nice flat black, and felt pretty high quality. Both mounts are very solid, and lock into place very nicely as well. Changing the mounts simply requires unscrewing the 4 screws at the bottom of the sight. Both the mount and the sight have nice trademarks as well. Also, the battery was NOT DOA, so yay!


The sight I got was a 5 brightness level, green and red dot sight. So 2 colors, 5 brightness levels each. The dot is nice and bright, and does not wash out if pointed towards the sky, even on the 3rd setting. On the 5th setting, you can still see the dot even if it is juxtaposed with a fluorescent light. So, the dot strength is very good. Dot is also very clear and clean, no ghosting or whatnot. Dot is fully adjustable via the covered knobs on the side of the sight.


Now the cons…..

I don’t know whether my G&P receiver is not quite milspec and the T-1 is or what, but there is a tiny bit of play (not really seeable, but only feelable) back and forth when the high mount is installed. Not too big a deal. However, I tried putting the QD mount on my friend’s gun (which had an aftermarket D-boys receiver) and it did NOT fit. The rails on the Dboys receiver were too wide. However, I think the normal non-qd mount would fit, but just throwing that out there. I think the T-1 replica was built to the RS specs on rail length or something. So heads up for you guys with Dboys; it might not fit on the rail.


Secondly, as USCM once pointed out, the QD mount is like 20% too tall compared to the RS. I compared with pictures of Costa’s Sr-15 (which mine is based off of) to my gun, and the T-1 mount is too tall. I wonder why they could get the QD rail mount specs right but not the actual riser….


However, the 2nd con is really just a nitpick, and most won’t notice. It won’t look so awkward once I get my PEQ-15….


All in all, I give this sight a 9/10.

The sight is unique looking (for now), very functional, came with nice extras, not a bad price compared to some eotech replicas, and I like the design.

Just be careful of your rail size. It might be a big bummer if it doesn’t fit…


(Pictures coming tomorrow, when I have some time)

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I don't think anyone would be willing to shake about to see if it brakes to a new item they just bought. But thats just me tbh, yes it shoudl be able tohold up to a bit of punichment but I think everyone has had there site shot out at some point in there airsoft career.

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I got one from the Canadian end and really like it. Came with 2 risers the low and a high. Low would be perfect on somthing like a P90.


High is great on my SCAR, Let's me co-witness perfectly. Low mount was solid on the TM rail and the high is solid on the VFC one, tried on a 416 and SCAR (high is too high for the 416 and low is too low, need a mid riser for that one).


I've only knocked it around with normal use, but if anyone mails me GBB rifle and a shedload of mags I"ll subject the sight to a punishing test.

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Woah, for some reason I can't edit my original post, so here are pics! Sorry about meh images, if I had more time I'd do an SLR shoot....


And sorry, I don't have any images of the T-1 unmounted, but you get the idea.









Also, somewhat of an update: I tried to zero the sight, but encountered a problem. The dot was too much to the left, and when I twisted the adjustment knob to the direction it says should be right on the tool, nothing happens. Soon later, I found that the directions are actually reversed. The Cap/adjustment tool says that counterclockwise makes the dot go up and to the right. It's actually supposed to be the other way around. CLOCKWISE adjusts the dot RIGHT and UP. Also, when turning Clockwise to adjust, it should feel hard to turn.

(this is for the people who may have thought their T-1's were non adjustable, so try it out if you think yours isn't)


However, this minor flaw doesn't really mean anything in the scope of things. My red dot is now perfectly adjusted :). Also, I fixed the minor play betwen the riser and the reciever by putting some clay under the mount. Now it's rock solid.

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Just to add, if you are getting play, tighten the nut that holds in the LaRue copy lever-lock system. Don't tighten too far and if you get too much resistance DO NOT GO FURTHER!!!! I have stripped even the real LaRue Lever-Locks doing so and it is not fun let me tell you. And if you have a receiver to wide you can fix it by shortening the lever with a dremel or dremeling the receiver rails. ICS Flattops are too wide for R-S LaRue Mounts so I'd assume the same applies here too.

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Just to add, if you are getting play, tighten the nut that holds in the LaRue copy lever-lock system.


That doesn't eleminate the back and forth play though. That adjustment nut adjusts the widht of the mount to make it fit on certain rails.


I have the same one on my WE M4 and it's leaning ever so slighty to the left. And it takes the blowback well. No malfunction whatsoever.


It clears my PEQ15 and I can (well, hardly) use my Magpul MBUS ironsight on the short range apature through it.


Like the review says, the reddot itself is just great. The best ACM optic I ever had.

The huge Aimpoint marking on the top is kinda ugly and unlike the real thing but nothing bad actually.


Overall 9/10 here as well.

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Point Of Aim = P.O.A. = Where your crosshair/red dot is aimed at.

Point Of Impact = P.O.I. = Where your actual shots are going.


You want both to be the same place ideally.




Here's what I would do when I'd zero a scope/red dot in.


> Fire 5 bbs at a target without changing where you aim


(by that i mean keep shooting at the same place for all 5 of your shots, irrelevant to where its actually hitting on the target)


> then adjust your red dot sight/scope to or as close to the centre of impact as possible


> then repeat above steps till your sights are zeroed




Example of what I mean:


I fire 5 shots aimed at the centre of a target - all 5 my shots are landing to the left and low of where i aimed.


I adjust my scope one full rotation to the right. (or left depending on how your scope works)


I fire another 5 shots again aimed at the centre of a target - i find that all my shots are now landing just under here i aimed.


I adjust my scope half a turn upward. (or downward depending on how your scope works)


I fire another 5 shots again aimed at the centre of the target - i find all my shots are hitting where i aimed


Red dot/Scope zeroed

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Finally was able to actually use it in a game (I know, I don't airsoft often). I find that the green seems to show up much better than the red (I think it's just due to the sensitivity of the eye), and I was able to use the green on power 3 (out of 5) on a bright day. There was no washing out of the dot. The mount and sight are rock solid now, and I've adjusted my cheek weld so I can get a consistent cheek weld that looks through the optic. (My previous cheek weld was too low for the high mount and too high for the low mount).


For those of you concerned that the small size of the optic = hard to find dot, I found that it's not a problem given you have a good, consistent cheekweld. Battery life seems to be pretty good so far....


On a tangent: Having never really extensively used red dot optics before, I can tell you that a red dot is so much easier to use than Iron sights. For once, I can actually follow through with my shots, as I can see where my bbs are going. Also, it's much easier in CQB. I was able to snapshoot pretty quickly, something I was unable to do with Irons.

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Hor those interested in how it manages recoil, I've skirmished with my T-1 micro replica several times already, mounted onto my WA M4 GBB. It holds it zero perfectly. However, battery life sucks. I forgot to turn it off after my game, the next morning, battery was dead. I'm wondering if it's because of the cheap Chinese batts or if it's because the T-1 is a real power sucker. I'll have to try with new high-end batts...

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