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New site from Unreal airsoft


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the new webby with masses of site pictures can be found at




an overhead of the site





following the closure of the amazing, 360 by 360 killfest that was the burslem CQB site in stoke on trent, the fantastic guys at Unreal has been hunting hard and fast for a new CQB site to call its own whilst starting a woodland site from the ground up. what dedication!



something to realy get exited about and Lo they have the new Ternhill site. ive been airsofting now for 14 odd years, ive played at more sites than i can actualy remember and i am yet to see such an exiting site.


i have been there, i have seen it and its a fantastic mizture of Hard n Tight CQB for the assult lads n lasses, its got open areas ideal for the snipers to bring the ghillie suits out to play, its got FIBUA in SPADES with none of the long range groping making it possible to fight building to building in a fast and furiouse shootout.


there are already loads of game ideas being planned designed to meld the very best aspects of all kinds of airsoft in a themed milsim based combat environment with all day games to hone your combat skills.


also there will be an onsite Hot food bar selling all your food and drink needs from hot breakfasts, to grilled kebabs and even up to full meals on arrangment all made from the highest quality ingrediants




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i will be there tomorrow on a working day to sort a few things out and have a chat to kezz, the site owner and get the lowdown on his imediate plans for the site.


and illtry to take my camera and take a few more piccies to realy show the entire scale and the bits n bobs which are going to (with some work) realy make this site magnificent. .


this is a big site which has loads of immediate potential and knowing the unreal guys they will pull the stops out to go that extra mile to make it so, for us the players.


at the old CQB site kezz always said its the players site he just opens the gates in the morning and does the paperwork. its us who make the site all it can be with your input, feedback and sometimes work. but most of all what makes Unreal airsoft well, unreal is the good natures of the players and the willingness to play hard and fair to make the days as good as it can be.

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to add a little more info about the site and the plans that are afoot.


the idea isnt to run the short attack defend games, we are aiming to do much longer games atleast half day but preferably longer all day games where you just break off for lunch with medic rules, some games with ammo rules but not that bad.


we are also planning something totaly NEW to airsoft.


yes you hear us right. not only a brand new site but we will also go that step beyond, to give you guys the chance to experiance TOTAL WAR






this is an all up campaign where the games you play have a direct affect on a campaign play based around the classic tom clancy book Red Storm Rising with infantry only games. unless some nice people happen to bring some AFVs along.


the intial games will be scripted as it happens in the book, the soviet assult on iceland, the spetnaz ambushes on the nato stockpiles and the inital assults in western germany.


the results of these inital games will have a fallout effect on the gmaeplay for the rest of the campaign. if the Nato forces manage to hold iceland they get more supplies in the form of extra ammo and a slight bias in the troop numbers.


also the players will get to decide the axis of attack (or retreat) after each game to determine where the next games occur. youll be moving forces around a campaign map utilising the natural features of the maps such as rivers, mountains and towns to direct the enemy into combat with you and that will select the engagments


as such we have come up witha whole HOAST of combat extras which we are hopeing to use to simulate the following


Airbourne para assults

River crossings

helibourn insertions

mobile artillery and mortar fire

town assults and town breakouts

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sorry i ment to post up lastnight but i was knackered then i haf a few beers.


ok you want big? i was there yesterday for a work day where a fw of us cleaned out just 2 of the buuildings being used for the safe zone. not the long ones, we have plans for those, very interesting plans infact, but the 2 buildings closest to the road at the top right if the site near the concrete area.



the 2 long buildings are around 15 meters accross and 70-80 long by my pacing out so hows the scale loomhong now



. these are the canteen/safezoon room and the booking in room, each of them are around 10 meters by 30 meters. and thats the average ish size for the buildings.


kezz is down there today as i type doing stuff like building tables and benches for the players to use



i went for a DRIVE around the site. yes im a lazy sod but it realy is that big.


and it took me 25 minutes to get around it, admitidly stopping to check buildings for usefull items for bunker and cover building materials. and generaly enjoy chilling out in a suprisingly natural environment for a CQB site.


i didnt have my camera with me cause it needed charging but this base has been empty for 40 odd years and nature has reclaimed it creating a wonderfull fusion of CQB, heathland, some small wooded areas/ some of the buildings are being colonsised by plant life so totaly its hard to recognise them as buildings.


as i was pootling around there was a load of hares and rabbits darting but not that bothered by people, loads of bird life so its not just airsoft its looking scariliy like ECO airsoft. .



ive been looking realy closely at the place and ive been discussing things like creating holes in walls for some of the larger buildings to reduce the corridor of white plastic death syndrome and make them into the kind of CQB you read about in the papers about afghanistan.

and also to make the gaming a lot more random.


also being considered is stuff like removing window frames to allow dynamic entry points but as you all know tuch ideas may take time and hard work to become realistic and safe for you the player.



unreal is looking at slowley changing the buildings from the horrid, empty shells that exist at the moment and arnt that fun to fight around into facsimilies of real life places with the addition of suddy walls, furnature and doors to create a small town feel. again such work at this site will take ages to finish. think priparyiat(sp) in the UK



those of you who had the pleasure to play at the original Spectre Urban site will know what i mean when i say that its the small details that add up to a MASSIVE picture and how it can realy make the gaming experiance so much more compleate.


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no, not as far as i have been told and i cant see them making it difficult for players by demanding that they bug ammo from them.


. also whislt this is pristine land it is going to be developed in 5-10 years so whatever good we did with bios will be undone as soon as the dozers move in.


iwill ask kezz for you and give you adefinate reply



the eco aspect is a bit of a tounge in cheek coment by me so dont read to much into it.


also down to the way the site is covered in greenery, trees, and natural life compared to allmost all other CQB sites and the concrete mazes that they are.



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