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Ares Tavor Tar 21 Review

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Oh, and mine has 0 barrel wobble, try tightening yours maybe?


I dont know if in croatia they come with an orange tip, but mine did and it seems glued on, how the hell do you get this off? It came with a plastic fugly orange tip on and the nice metal black one separate.


I would like to get a guide to adding brighter LED if you can though Hristo.

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Guide to brighter LED:


1. unscrew sling pin and pull it out

2. unscrew hex screw behind MARS (one of two, closer to MARS) and take the plate off

3. unscrew 4 screws and pull MARS with its base

4. unscrew 2 hex screws which hold MARS to its base

5. unscrew 4 screws at the bottom of the MARS unit and open it

6. you will see laser contact plate, unscrew two screws and remove it

7. at the back of the unit you will see two wires which lead to the LED; you must unscrew two screws which hold the led slider; carefully take it out

8. LED is below the small plate with extra small opening on top (too small opening gices you too small dot); remove the plate and use needle to make a 1mm hole

9. put the plate back above the LED and use a little glue to fix it

10. put everything back in reverse order


This should give you brighter LED, but won't fix the parallax, of course.

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The crappy transparent piston has continued to function without wear is 10s of thousands of rounds on an M150 in an SLR, with totally stock innards.


Only thing that failed after so many rounds was the piston head.

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ok had my tavor 2 weeks ago and returned it within 48 hours due to the lazer being tempremental and none visible in the slightest of day light


also does anyone who has one wear prescription glasses as i found that the red dot becomes invisible when i focus on a target and reforms/visible when i focus back on the dot. Not happy to have it at the price i paid if the sites are that bad

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Tried the laser and I agree, it is too weak to be seen in daylight. Also, the laser itself is poorly aligned inside the MARS - if I want the laser to point where iron sights are aiming at, it just doesn't point through the hole anymore and becomes partially occluded ! This made me give up on ARES MARS for good, it is just hopeless.


Installed a rail, rail riser (1/2") and Eotech on it. Surprisingly, it is just as tall as the MARS, although not as cool.

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HI Hristo


This plate that needs removing and having a 1mm hole made in it, Is it like a very thin piece of plastic in a squashed t shape with a square window in the middle?? i have mine apart right now and the think looks more like the ares have just got a black market pen and coloured in the led and then scratched a bit off to allow the led to shine through


My laser adjustment isnt too bad and i have a green laser that i am thinking of tring in the slot if its small enough

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hm... the internals look dire if your wanting a better/replacement piston :( do like the idea of the micro switch in there and i really hope that wires just there cause it taken it out of a grove and not just place across a gear


might have to wait and see about the TSI since the Ares is looking a little too grim for my liking

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