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"Assasin" 1911 Parts


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Right, so I'm doing a set of weapons based on the theme of a modern day assasin for our teams "Airsoft Assasin".

we have a 1911 GBB (Bell Metal TM clone, which has had around 10000 BBs Through it and still works), but he wants a silencer fitting to and all I can find is this one; http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=21366 but its like $56.50 and thats WITHOUT shipping, I know its Laylax / Nineball but c'mon! $57~ + p&p?!

My question is does ANYONE know where I can get one? Once this is done and there is another/new hammer fitted (And Grips) we're all good!


Cheers in advance!

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Ask someone who has a broken SOCOMGEAR / WE MEU or Wilson (there will be many around by now) and ask for the outer barrel, it should be TM compatible.


But please if you are going to shell out on a threaded barrel put it in a TM, the Bell will just fail with it, simple as that.



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