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My sale of a M1100 to Far-T

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I sold an M1100 to Far-T and posted it on Wednesday the sale is here:



The gun arrived with a couple of problems and he has contacted me to complain.


The gas tanks are leaky, and I have apologised for that, I rarely use that gun and I don't have any gas presently so I was unaware that the mags were leaky.


The loading nozzle only fires one round and not three and advertised.

This is due to my friend stealing part out of my gun to replace a broken part in his own gun.


I am furious but I have driven to his house today to collect the part and have pmed Far-T with a possible solution.


With any luck this situation will be resolved without any further aggravation.



This post is just in the interests of perspicacity.



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stunt. to help him with the leaky tanks


simply soaking the tanks wont do with these,


what he needs to do is open them up slightly to let the seals be exposed and then soak in silicone for 48 hours. then he needs to put silicone into the tank. a HELL of alot of it. then seal the tanks and full with gas (i would recomend NOT propane/greeen at first. 134a to make sure the seals are ok. leave for a few hours. empty then test with the gas you use.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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