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Killbucket's Build Thread


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Sliding off topic for a day...Punisher Grilles!


Vee cutter making the outlines.



Then a .250" dia. single-flute cutter does the rest.


Here's the ShopBot doing these up:




Then some black, walnut paint, and some dry-brushing. I wanted them to look like they were laser-cut from old manhole covers or something.



Stainless hardware will hold them on, after I paint the stock grille mesh black.

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Thanks for the kick. I took pics of this LAST WEEK as it is now...work on the site has consumed every waking moment, and sapped my image-processing energy...that, and a inner mounts page I'd promised to put up like two days ago...


The poor hapless SPR has been re-painted many times.

First, it was the stock black metal rifle from D-Boys. Then, it got a hot-melt glue paintjob:




Then, I got bored, and gave it a funky camo:



After that, a SciFi Night Camo:




And that was all enamel over Bulldog Adhesion Promoter- it's there to STAY...

So when I started doing the five different colors of "wash" over it (so far), including simulated flash damage,



bloodstains, etc., the paint started to buckle up. a good thing in this case.




The Secret was just walking away for several days while it completely dried out( and the aforementioned web-smithing done to keep my mind and fingers off the softened coatings).

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