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Kenworth W900

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I payed Beast06 for a 509mm M16 barrel over two weeks ago now. I am wondering do you guys reckon that I am actually gonna get the barrel? I am not sure whether to be so trusting of him anymore since it has been a long time and theres been minimal communication. Plus, it seems there have been a few people in my position before, regarding Beast06 - e.g. Muckymick and Bodgeups


Things have gone sour mainly in the posting dept. Twice Beast has claimed to have sent it, but it still has not arrived and I am getting worried its just not ever going to get here, plus now I do actually need it, for a game on the weekend - guns don't tend to work so well without barrels <_< .


I have been sending PM's out recently in a push to get him to send it, but alas I fear he is just fobbing me off. Any help, reassurance, advice would be appreciated here, cheers.




Edit: just checked paypal, it has been 7 weeks since I payed. Even I didn't think it was that long. I need to get this sorted out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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