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RIS kit for AKS74U


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Hello all, firstly apologies - I'm new to the whole AK thing being a M4 fanboy, secondly I'm sure these questions have been asked before but I can't find any appropriate threads.



I've picked up a Cyma AKS74u that I want to add a RIS kit to, the only ones I've seen are on Ebaybanned - this one and this one


Now I'm looking for recommendations and experiences with these kits or with other kits.

If anybody knows of any other retailers selling these or similar kits (preferrably UK based) I would be greatful.


Also would anybody be able to tell me if the thread on this AEGs barrel is 14mm CCW or something different.





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I own the one pictured in your first link and installed it on a little CA AK74 thus:




First, a word of warning - the thing comes with zero instructions and, more frustratingly NO hardware aside from the rail and the mounting block that clamps around the barrel.


That's highly irritating considering there need to be 4 screws and nuts/threaded bushings to hold the damned rail to the mounting block. If you buy this one (which, to me, looks much better than the one in the second link), I hope you get the necessary hardware. If not, you'll need some nuts, a grinder, some epoxy to hold the nuts in place inside the mounting block, so on and so forth.


In frustration I shelved the project months ago until I had more patience, and even after getting it mostly installed (long story short: CA's barrel profile was too thick, so I had a friend lathe it, then the mounting block was a sloppy fit (lol) and I added four set screws to aid the thing in biting to the outer barrel. All sorted now as you can see from the photo, but it became much more of a project than I was originally prepared for.


Best of luck.



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Thanks for the reply Wupjak.


I don't mind the fact that it doesn't come with any screws, ACM ones are whack anyway! Thanks for the heads up tho. I'm actually after a bit of a project at the mo so I will still probably go for this RIS.



If anyone else has any feedback/suggestions I'd be greatful!

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