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WARNING! Ebay seller to be avoided at all costs Franz_f_b

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EBay user franz_f_b (Franz Bleicher).....


I'll appologise in advance for length of this post, but stick with it...


I have recently had a completely miserable buy from this guy and thought you guys out there should be warned.


On the 2nd june I was bidding on and won an auction of his for a "Genuine WW2 K98 sling" and duly recieved an email for payment.

He wanted to charge for paypal payment. So I wrote back and told him he couldn't do this as surcharging is against ebay and paypals rules for selling. I then sent him payment for the item and postage. Anyway the emails went back and forth, him insistant that he can pick and choose who he sells to and which methods of payment he accepts and that I should pay the surcharge. I sent him ebay and paypals rules of selling both in english and in german to no avail....


At this point in the email chain I got fed up of banging my head against a brick wall, so decided to speak to him in his own language



Wann man artikeln aus ebay anbieten mit paypal als zahlungsart, dann muss man paypal akzepteiren von allem das mit paypal bezhalen wurden wollte. Ohne konzessionen, ohne zuschlag, ohne grenze. Das ist der regeln von ebay und paypal. Sie scheinen anderer meinung zu sein.

Hier is seinem letzen chance meine waere in post schicken.



Nigel wright.

(The translation of this in english is "When you place articles on ebay for sale with paypal as payment method, you must accept paypal from all who wish to pay with it. No concessions, no surcharges, no obstructions. These are the rules of ebay and paypal. You seem to have a different oppinion. Here is your last chance to put my item in the post."


Ok - kein Problem. Ich werde Ihnen den Artikel senden.

Ich habe gesehen, dass Sie auf einen anderen Artikel auch ein Gebot abgegeben haben. Dort ist KEINE Paypal Zahlung möglich. Dies sage ich Ihnen jetzt - einige Tage vor Auktionsende. KEINE Paypal Zahlungen mehr.

(The translation of this in english is "OK - no problem, I will send your item. I have also seen that you have bids some more of my items. For these paypal will not be accepted. I'm telling you this a few days before the auctions end. NO more paypal.)


Now this guy is still accepting paypal all his items, needless to say I didn't place any further bids on the items and was outbid by others. The agreement to put the item in the post was on the 04/06/09.


On monday (14/06) I recieved the sling and to my horror it was nothing like the original pictured in his auction. After some fairly extensive research, it is my belief that this sling is a post war Czech, Austrian or Norwegian sling. The leather is far too light in colour (tan as apposed to the genuine, which should be a deep chestnut brown or burgundy colour) It has no ricasso (cross hatch) pattern and bears no makers stamps or marks at all. Also, there are only 2 holes on the frosch (frog or keeper) end of the sling. There should be 3. There are no stamps, marks or ricasso on the frosch. No makers stamps on the adjustment buckle and the retaining loop is completely missing.


Needless to say Mr Bleicher got some negative feedback.


On receipt of his negative feedback, he decided to open a non-payment dispute against me which I have responded to by sending Ebay my paypal receipt for the item. He still maintained his innocence throughout the resolution process, during which I asked him if he would accept return of the sling for a refund. He wouldn't accept this even though he has in black and white on his listing "100% original guaranteed returnable if not" He just kept on with the fact he has no returns accepted in the returns policy section of the listing. So this all came to nothing and ended up with him placing a non-payment strike on me. I also recieved emails from another UK buyer and a Spanish buyer who have both had exactly the same treatment.


Anyway I've now launched a dispute with paypal for fake goods. Hopefully this and the non-payment strike with Ebay will get me some closure, but I seriously doubt it will stop others from being conned by this most dubious of characters....

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