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Marushin Kar98K 8mm

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Selling my Kar98k because I don't airsoft at all anymore...


Comes with ~30-35 shells, 2 quick loaders, and ~1k BBs(I'll check later) of 2 different weights.


I don't know the exact specs of the scope but it works.


No noticeable damage exact the scope mount setup broke off (dropped I guess?) so the wood pieces were JB welded back together. It is just as strong as before.


Will post pics in a bit.


Asking price: $450 Shipped OBO (its heavy and long)

Trades: Fun plinkers like GBB, gas rifles, but trades must include cash

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Pictures!!! :)












Other than markings on the outer barrel (probably from disassembling?) which could be painted over easily, it's in pretty good condition. The stock has a nice worn look to it and AFAIK, there are no dents in the wood.


I have never taken the gun apart so I'll assume the internals are in good condition. No leaks that I know of and fired fine in the winter.


I was told by the previous owner to use green gas in cold weather and 134a in hot weather. Being that I live in FL, I can't do any range tests due to scorching heat ATM. Back in winter however, I was able to shoot 100-120' quite accurately (I've never owned another gas rifle so I can't really compare).


Any questions? PM me or IM me SlvrDragonX0.

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Just shot again!


Shooting great although I was feeling a bit lazy and didn't want to optimize the hop up...


Anyways, its shooting at least 100' and thats with a cold fill (couldn't wait for it to heat up). Absolutely no problems after shooting a bit.

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