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I couldn't answer that, as I have never compared the Maruzen Type 96 vs the Warrior L96. Sorry about that.


Perhaps someone can provide an answer?


Well, if you get around to removing your barrel for cleaning and what not. If you could snap a pic of the hop up end. I maybe able to get an idea if I get a look at a Type 96 or a Warrior L96 barrel on one of the other threads. Posting Some pic's of the other internals would also be most helpful.

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I just received one for upgrade. My task is to meld this M99 with a heavily upgaded L96 (SP210 spring and the like). So I took both to bits and here are my findings:

- The L96 mag does NOT fit. The L96 mag is longer by about 1cm and a little bit wider.

- The L96 cylinder does NOT fit. The L96 comes with new type thick handle boss, while this one requires a thin APS2 version. Otherwise looks perfectly like a stock L96 cylinder. Down the the pressed cylinder/handle boss connection, which is the weakest spot on the L96. I don't recommend any spring that is stronger than the original.

- The Type96 Zero Trigger does NOT fit. One screwhole is about 4mm off. Also the sear is a very tight fit, some dremeling of the receiver is in order.

- The inner barrel, and hopup rubber is stock L96 type, but the barrel is about 95mm longer than the in L96. The factory spacer is better than the L96 foam spacers, but still leaves a LOT to be desired. The Hexagon Product spacers will mean a definite improvement.

- The hopup unit is different. It has a sliding setting (similar to VSR) instead of the screw setting on the L96s. It is hit and miss because the sliding is a nice, but there is nothing that "locks" the slide in place. No screw to tighten, so spring to lock, no nothing. Therefore it can set itself off very easily. You can install and use a PDI L96 hopup unit, but you can NOT use a stock or a Hexagon Product L96 hopup unit without mods.

- The bipod is heavy and oversized by about 1.2/1, interesting.

- The takedown is laughable. Pins do nothing, you need to remove the rail and a dozen of tiny screws to get to the gun.

- There is a small white plastic ring that connects the trigger with the sliding wedge that hits the trigger on the trigger house. That plastic ring is under some stress and I'm sure it will be the first thing to break.

- The trigger house is metal, but it has the same problem as the plastic L96 trigger houses. The tabs that connect it to the receiver are thin. Hopefully pot metal lasts longer than plastic.


My rating of the gun: Not impressed. I was considering to get one, to make my Barrett family complete, but not any more.


Now the modifications:

- The donor L96 is equiped with a OK L96 cylinder, which is old type by default and it has an extra ring to turn it to new type. With the ring removed, the cocing handle fit perfectly onto the handle boss. The screw at the end of the cylinder is bigger than the original M99 screw, so I will drill up the end bit to allow the L96 screw through.

- The donor L96 came with Hexagon Product L96 hopup unit and AEG barrel. While the hopup unit fits into the outer barrel, you can't really use it because you can't set it. The outer barrel lacks the hole to access the setting screw. I will drill a hole into the outer barrel so the setting screw will be accesible. Oddly enough, while there is no hole on the outer barrel, there is a hole on the lower receiver. So I don't have to mod the receiver.


As a sidenote.

The M99 hopup unit shows some potentia. I will attempt to fix it up and fit it into my L96. However the lack of decent hopup rubber is still a problem.

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Just a quick correction, the PDI Type96 hopup unit doesn't fit, unless lathed. Same stands for the hexagon product spacers.


After looking for the MP001 mags, I'd agree they look like VSR mags. These on the other hand look identical. They were out of stock but if you can find them else where you might be in luck http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=25395



Do you know if the Laylax hop unit would fit? http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=2218

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The sliding hop is an issue particularly with upgraded springs, the "recoil" knocks the lever backwards, so after every shot the hop decreases. With the stock spring it didn't seem to matter.


I put one layer of tape, underneath the hop unit lever. That seems to have fixed it.



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That's cuz it has APS/2 internals.


You linked to an APS/2 mag.




I know that's what they are listed as, what looks like it should fit and what dose are two different things. "It has APS/2 internals". Well, it sounds like from thouse that own it. It's become a yes and no answer. Some of it fits some things do not. Trying to find out if these are a match. Evike lists another mag as the SW correct mag, but if those fit it would mean another possable source. I'm just a few weeks away from getting M99 from Evike and want to get a good source base for parts that work. Since the PDI hop is a no-go what about the Laylax hop up unit? They do look a little different in shape. If the PDI needs to be turned/machined down in size to fit the Laylax looks like it has a slight reductin in thickness up front.

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Sure, if you've got the tools and skills for somewhat extensive modding.


Also, on the note of the muzzle break, mine is metal. I had mine powder-coated, and I took a look at the break after the original paint was sand-blasted off. I don't know what kind of metal it is, but it's metal all right.

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