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Review about the VZ-61 Scorpion AEP from JG, 0451A a good copy of the TM










Real steel: CZ VZ61 Skorpion, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%A0korpion_vz._61" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%A0korpion_vz._61 </a>


Manufacturer: Jing Gong/Golden Eagle


Importer: AirsoftHQ


Weight: 1130 gr. (measured by myself)


Length: 268 mm, or 522mm with unfolded stock


Type: AEP


HopUp / BAX: HopUp adjustable


Material: Grip and upper are made from plastic, lower, stock, sights and triggerguard are made from steel, outer is potmetal


Magazine: HighCap metal about 80BBs capacity


Range: ?


Power: 270 FPS


Sonstiges: gibt’s auch von WELL, nennt sich da R2


Bought at AirsoftHQ


Price: 59 Euro














The pictures are far from good because of the low light (where is the summer?), but waiting for good light would put the review to eternity…






Package and content:


























The Package is a good copy of the original TM-VZ61 package, with the cheap styrofoam covered with cardboard and the „accessories“ in an extra cardboardbox.

Inside the box are the AEP with one magazine, cheap plastic rail-adapter, silencer-adapter, small tool for the sight and changing the barrel, battery and a funny loader, some cheap BBS and the manual in English and Chinese.

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The Operation of the AEP is very easy and with the unfolded stock it is possible to aim through the sights easily. Once you understand the mechanism of the stock, it is folded and unfolded very easily but if you make a small faught the effect could be bad… but more to this later. Folded, the small steelframes from the stock weree holded by the guard of the frontsight


The firemode selector is on the left side above the grip and is smooth to use, There isn't a real „click" at the right position, but it is good enough. .


The batterycompartment is in the grip and works well enough.


Playing arround with the scorpion is much fun and you will get a small picture why the real steel Scorpion is so succesfull.
















The magazine the VZ61 comes with, is a sheetmetal made highcap. It fits well in the magwell, with a little movement only to the left side.Loading BBs in the mag is a little bit difficult, because the opening is in the front of the mag and very small. I bought two additional mags made fort he Well R2. One plasticmade Drummag and another normal one. The normal one is 100% identical to the original one. The drummag sits much more tight in the magwell and is operated by turning the front knop. It feeds also very well and gives you the right amount of BBs J. The package of the normal one is funny, end you can't see that it should be made by Well either.

















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The sights are very simple but effectiv, both are adujstable, the front with the tool that comes within the package and the rear has to different sights, one rinted on it..


















You can reach the hopup turning wheel by pulling back the bolt lever, and it works ok enough, I have read that the one from the Well R2 wouldn’t work, but this is not the case here.










The firemode selection lever sits above the grip on the left side and works also as the safety. 0 is safe, 1 semi and 20 fullauto.











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The only eyes to fix a singlepoint sling are on the cover of the batterycompm of the grip. But you can't fix a sling there really, because the eyes are to small and the whole weight of the gun at the two small lips of the cover… no chance. So if you want to fix a sling or a lanyard at the VZ61 you have to create an idea of your own.












Here you cann see the mechanism that will lock the stock








To unlock you have to press the fluted part of the stockholder.








Than one part in the mechanism will be disengaged








Wile unfolding you have to keep the pressure a little bit otherwise you will break the holding!



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On the first look the VZ61 looks great fort he price. Even the upper receiver plastic lokks ver good and matches perfectly with the steelmade lower. But the potmetal-holder of the grip sucks. Mine broke after the second attempt to fold the stock! Maybe it was only my personal faught, but the force I used was low. If you want to use the AEP for skirming you should wrappe two steel rings around the holding, I will search for some rings in my DIY-market. I fixed the broken part with superclue.. the looks are bad, but it works so far.
















I put a magnet at the parts of the gun, which are made from steel in my opinion

















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The knops used for the magrelease and the boltlever have a ver good “used-touch”.














The outerbarrel is fluted inside so that you can remove him with the tool. It is an -14mm CCW thread. You can put on the sileceradapter afterwards easily












The mechanism that holds the batterycompartementcover in place isn#t one of the sturdiest, but if you don’t fix a sling at it it will last..



















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Included accessories:








The 7,2 Volt 500 mAh battery is a usual suspect. It works, but the poweradapter is a funny thing, I don’t know any European powerou can plug these ugly part in J
















Nada, but this is much better than bad ones.
















Between 260 and 275 FPS, haven’t measured the ROF, but I think it isn’t the highest…It is accurate enough like all my other china clone AEPs that I own from Cyma and DE.










If you want an alternative fort he normal AEPS ort he MP7, than this is the right choice, cheap and stury with the execption of the stockholder, but I think rhis is easy to fix with to steelrings. I do not own the Well R2 but I think that there are no big differences between them.





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Some more pictures with diffrent configurations and some filtering::


































- cheap


- powerfull for an AEP


- only one weak point


- very nice looks








- imho only the weak point in the stockholder




Additional accessories:




The Mags for he Well R2, silencers and muzzlebreaks on the adpater, original holsters and magpouches and a lot of things that you can put at the rail.








At the usual german, austran or polish sellers the JG VZ61 is sold out, only the Well R2 is available..







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a word of warning on the hop.


As usual with a chinese gun the hop rubber is coated in gunk, but worse than that , the hop dial has a small lug inside to stop you turning the hop dial too far "Off", BUT, if you turn it too far "on" it can ride over the ramp that applies pressure to the nub and you cant turn the hop back on because of the lug!


Fortunately this AEP is very very easy to takedown ( loosen grub screw on takedown pin , remove pin and slide upper receiver off , hop falls into your hand) and you can strip out the hop dial (and remove the lug if you want) and reset it.


I think this is responsible for the myth that this gun has no hop!



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Wich one do you guys recommend, the JG or the Well?


I have seen the Well R2 at a friend now and I couldn't see any big differences at the first view. Also his gun came with the normal and the drummag for the same price as mine with only the normal magazine.

And I really have no probs with the hops, but I use this AEP only under 15 meters distance.



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