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The barrel comes off my JG came with an allen key and a small plastic part that slides into the barrel, then you use the allen key to turn the barrel as it clips onto the plastic tool. Mine was quite stiff aswell at 1st, i'm not sure if you can buy them separately tho :/

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There isn't such a thing like a JG-Drummag. The drummags are all Well! And the standardmags are also HCs...




I don't know if there is a difference between the US-version with orange tip and the "normal" one, but with mine it is easy to unscrew the outer and screw on the adapter. I haven't found the adpater anywhere, but the R2 from my friend came with one included.



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Oh I got it off, I thought only the tip would come off but the whole front outer barrel did,


Now how do I attacked a mock silencer?


you need the adapter!




You screw it in like the outerbarrel and the you have a -14mm CCW to put a silencer or whatever on.



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Read this interesting thing in other thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t&p=1773367


With TM scorpion reported 40+ fps increase with stock spring, 6.03 tightbore and nineball full tune up without spring. Any Jing Gong owner happen to know if the JG better output velocity is actually more related to JG spring or possibly more airtight mechbox internals? Might actually be good option to use nineball internal upgrade kit, without changing the spring and gain improvement in performance without increasing wear and tear to internals if it is mostly spring based.


Thought by JG having better spring in stock does increase it already i guess, but i'd reckon them to have made gun otherwise sturdy enough to atleast be able to support its own spring eh? Could possibly be relatively safe way to improve the gun if so?


Dont yet own the gun myself, currently waiting for it to arrive like kid for christmas. You got to love scorpion!

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