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Modern Ranger Loadout


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According to a contact i have from ebay how is with rangers the vest this wearing is the standard ranger rack in rabger green


Everything is either a RACK or an RBA...


RACK = chest rig

RBA = body armor


That doesnt mean that is the technical term...just what it is called. I can almost guarantee you that Battboys are not running around talking about RBSS and RBAVs and *suitcase* like that.

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for the rainy days:


the PCU, are it still in use with Rangers or have they moved on to MCU? thinking Lvl6 stuff against the rain?


MCU is not an evolved form of PCU, its a cheaper version made for the civilian market.


Gen II PCU is used however.


The level 6 (waterproof layer) is only designed to be worn in a static position, not while moving.

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Oh thanks binarypunisher!


So what would be used when its raining outside? lvl 5 gen II PCU or something else I dont know of yet?


Cheers Thomas


Depends on the temperature, but likely Level 5 and 2 or 1.5.


The idea behind it is not to keep you dry, it is to keep you warm. You will get wet, however you will still stay warm which is what you really need - and in turn the whole system is designed to dry out in less than an hour (maybe less..been a few months since I watched the DVD).

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for those interested gunsworkshop.net is accepting pre-orders for the spartan mbitr that can use the std mil mbitr ptt's and headsets


email from felix






Thanks for your pre-order confirm! the radio are in process now, expect available to ship to you in Aug by EMS Speed post, please send us the payment now for the pre-order, here is the payment info:



PRC 148 ( functional radio ) US$ 232.00 qty: 1

EMS shipping cost to US for US$ 26.00

paypal fee 4% charge US$ 10.00


Grand total US$ 268.00


Our paypal address for the payment: info@gunsworkshop.net



Your 148 radio are reserved for you, please e-mail us to confirm when your paypal payment was sent.



Thanks! Felix, GWS

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IDK 'bout the face wrap, looks cool but IDK if anyone would use it much.



I'd add an optic and PEQ to the gun and the set up looks like its for an M4, so the weapon doesn't fit.


Otherwise I think it looks absolutely amazing, that kit is NICE!

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