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Modern Ranger Loadout


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I've seen pictures with 6Ps in scope ring mounts, insight M6s, and M962 (Arms mount with the push tail cap), etc, but have not seen photos of the M951.


So would it be a impression killer to use an M951, probably not. But it's not exactly kosher. It's your call.

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The only M6 I've seen appeared in the photos of the DM with the M110 on the roof. So I'd so no on the M3.


If you're making an impression, use the right gear. The correct M962 (arms mount, so NOT the thumbscrew model) uses the push button tail cap. This is the same model you can see in my impression pics. I had to hunt like mad to find that model, as it's not produced anymore.

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It's not an RBSS with an MSAP. It's just an Eagle PC w/ cummerbund.


MBAV is just a different name for the Eagle PC. In this case it may come with a set of armor included (obviously not included on that listing), but it even says it's an EPC on the tags. It's the 2nd gen color as well.


RBSS's look completely different, thinner, and way more poorly made (what a *suitcasey* vest)


Photo for an example of the RBSS: http://lawndartdesign.com/guns/RBSS_final_01.jpg

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