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Modern Ranger Loadout


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I *think* we're in a cultural crash here.

In Europe we are living with a lot more people per square Km than in the States. Help gets faster to you in most parts of the EU.

I believe there's still a large ' you can only count on yourself' philosophy in the States. That might explain the reaction.

Aussies might have the same feeling.


Completely justified then of course.


/Off topic.

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RRVs are no longer in use.


Recent pictures show the use of Multicam Crye AVS plate carriers and multicam pouches. Some Rangers may still be wearing khaki Eagle MBAV plate carriers with multicam pouches, but this is probably becoming increasingly rare as newer equipment is adopted.


Here are some photos from 2014 which should give you an idea of what kit is currently in use.


A. CO., 1st Battalion, 75h Ranger Regiment, Decisive Action Rotation 15-02, November 15th 2014, National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA
3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, platoon-level training exercises, April 14th 2014, Fort Knox, KY
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As my AVS repro is coming in tomorrow I have put together a kit-list and would welcome critique and advice (those few items I already have are marked with *). I am aware that a lot of the stuff are obviously repros (budget and location constrictions), I plan on swapping less expansive parts of the kit in the long run (probably not the uniform, plate carrier, helmet).

FMA Maritime
FMA Manta Strobe
(Opscore multicam mesh helmet cover and battery pouch repros)
(Comtac 3)
Emerson wilcox l4g24
Ess Crossbow*


1st line/unifrom:
Emerson Gen 2 MC pants*
Massiff shirt* (placeholder for AC shirt)
Blackhawk Rigger belt
Mechanix gloves*
Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid (?)


2nd line:
Emerson AVS*
SOFLC pouches in multicam (I need further research here, so far I am planning on Triple Mag Pouch, IFAK, Double Mag Pouch, Dump Bag, Radio Pouch)


3rd line
Flyye Yota / MAP bag


KAC RAS* (should be swapped with 12'' DD II RAS in DE)
TA01NSN* (should be swapped with Specter / 553)
KAC grip* 

I know it's somewhat crude but that should be enough for my budget for about 2 years.

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