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AR15 Picture Thread

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This was originally a Dboys CASV M4 believe it or not. Now there isn't a single part left of it.



Madbull JP Rifles metal body kit

Madbull JP Rifles conversion kit (medium), the flash hider has been modded to fit directly to the gas block

King Arms battlegrip

King Arms red dot site

Vaneras 3X magnifier

Classic Army Crane Stock

Element high rise mount

Element flip to side magnifier mount

TSD MP7 iron sites



EdGI 6.01 363mm tightbore barrel

Shredder's Concave Spacer

Systema bucking

Prometheus NEO Hop Up Chamber

Prometheus spring guide

Prometheus cylinder

Prometheus air nozzle

Prometheus piston head

Prometheus anti reversal latch

Prometheus normal ratio gears

AWS Sentry Mosfet

G&P M120 High Speed motor

G&P 8mm mechbox shell

G&P selector plate

G&G trigger

King Arms 8mm bearings

Systema low resistance wiring

Supercore piston

Guarder Cylinder head with Prometheus o-rings and Sorbothane

Guarder tappet plate

Viton X ring

PDI 170% spring

Deans connectors







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Yes because things that enhance the function and egronomics of you gun are just bullsh!t? Maybe not so influential on AEG's, morso on GBB's, but the RS influence is definitely noteable.


for example, CTR stock with its friction lock, adjust ability of the MIAD, and versatility of the ASAP, or heck even the increased speed with a bad lever.


Except that 90% of airsofters and alot of real steel guys only buy it because Magpul makes it.


Still doesn't stop half of that 90% from improperly shouldering and handling their rifles anyway.


Its all about the flavors of the month.


If Magpul works for you, all the power to you. Not dissing it. Just people who throw things on their gun for the names and assumed enhancement.

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What part about the MIAD being a good grip, the CTR, UBR, and PRS being excellent stocks not make sense? If it makes the functionality fo the weapon better how is it bullsh!t?

Okay, I can't resist....


Why don't people buy these funky bits in black?

Why is it that people, instead, choose to build 2-tone guns that look identical to the pin-ups?


The fact that people build guns in the same colours as Costa Coffee's and even fuss about what mounts he uses so they can get their dual-torch set-up identical to Costa's would suggest that there's more to it than simple ergonomics.

It's about fashion too.

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It's undoubtedly partly about fashion


Much of RS stuff applies to airsoft, but a lot of it doesn't as well. Why would you need a different flashhider, or a replica PEQ (besides battery box), scopes that magnify more than 5x, two flashlights, etc. Paraphrasing USCM, we're slinging mostly harmless white plastic at each other.


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