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AR15 Picture Thread

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So I wanted to try something else instead of my ACOG red dot. So I searched the Internet for inspiration and I found a cheap CQB red dot sight from UTG.


So far I'm very happy with it but I've not tried it in any skirmish yet... So based on it's performance I wil decide whether I'll keep it or sell it :)







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Oggy sold me his metal WA M4 body for an amazing price, so that's what I got and I am very happy with the end result


sorry, nothing is prefect but it's just one side of the trade, which I have no problem with, the fit, finish and quality is the BEST on the market right now for WA M4, no wobbles what so ever:



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New project




so far:


-King Arms VLTOR TROY Metal Body

-King Arms MRF-DI 10" Rail



-DYTAC 10.5inch Silver Barrel

-King Arms Knight's 05 Flash hider

-Magpul PTS CTR Stock TAN

-Magpul PTS MOE Grip TAN

-Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard TAN

-HurricanE or King Arms Eotech

-Promtheus/Systema Internals inside King Arms 8mm Reinforced Shell

-PDI 6.01mm Tightbore 303mm

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Very nice


Very nice indeed. It looks similar to what I have in mind for my M4

What size rail is that? Also how long was the standard barrel before you put the extension on?


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Not sure I like the ELGM on there...Maybe if you had a longer outer barrel it would look slightly more balanced.


I know, I have a longer outer barrel but I dislike outer barrels that are longer than the rail, and the EGLM requires a short rail (like a 7inch in my case) to be mounted. It doesn't work with long rails.


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