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AR15 Picture Thread

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Definitely agree on that one - I'm not personally a fan of PMAGS though... I've got nothing against Magpul in the real steel world, as anything that'll give you an edge in combat is always a bonus. But this is airsoft, and i don't want to pay silly amounts of money for stuff that's essentially cosmetic... It's more of a fad thing, in the same way modstocks, VLTOR uppers and mini aimpoints seem to be these days. I like my carbine just the way it is, and it's staying that way - Not to mention it actually looks unique because everyone elses is covered in magpul! :)

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I'm not at all doubting the quality of Magpul stuff - I've read great things about the various accessories, especially the Pmags... And i'll confess some of the Magpully rifles i've seen do look quite nice, but only when done properly - And i don't have the money to buy a fully pimped magpultastic AEG =[ I will however say all 8 of my CA midcaps are still working flawlessly after 2 years of use, with nothing more than the occasional bit of silicone oil - Wether or not they'll outlast a pmag only time will tell, but i'm pretty pleased with 'em so far.

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Was bored the other day so I decided to make a desktop preview out of the AR I'm currently building with all it's components, it should be done in about a month.


If this is totally the wrong section for this kinda thing you mods can feel free to delete or move this post, but I wasn't sure where else to put this kinda "AR preview" sorta thing.








- Yukon NVRS-F Tactical Internal Focus 2.5x50 Gen 1 NV Scope

- Surefire M951 Complete Set w/ FM64 Diffuser Cover & Malkoff M60 Module w/ Washer

- EBB Replica KAC Rail Covers

- Spec-Ops Master Blaster Sling

- Echo1 V2 Rear Sling Adapter

- G&P AN/PEQ-IIA Replica w/ illuminator converted to IR using Osram SFH4230 LED & the green status indicator LED disabled

- D-Boys M-42 QD Flashider

- D-Boys 3-in-1 Short M203 using barrel mount


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I feel ridiculous for having to ask this, but have KWA/KSC started to make M4 AEG's, or is it a GBB? I haven't been keeping up lately... my bad. Either way, that set up looks savage.

It is okay if you haven't been keeping up, the airsoft world move relative fast, so of.


Edit: Apparently directing someone to google/search for something is not helpful enough. Yes, aeg. Kickass in stock form. I see them being recommended more and more over Tokyo Marui aegs.


And yes I have, I have done some tech support, quit after getting tried with dealing with problems which are address in the mobile phone's instruction booklet, such as turn on the bluetooth setting to link accessories.

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Hey Jin, are you getting an IR filter for that surefire?


The Surefire actually came with an IR filter, but seeing as how I have a dedicated and ridiculously powerful IR illuminator in the PEQ-II it seemed a bit redundant to have an IR filter on the Surefire. So, I'm selling the IR filter from the Surefire M951 and buying a diffused filter for it, which will be much needed for any close range non-combat activities (reading a map, navigating, etc.). That Malkoff M60 module in the light puts out around 235 lumens in a pretty condensed beam, so trying to view anything up close without a diffuser filter is a recipe for blinding yourself :lol:


Edit : And, as Verc pointed out, most LED bulbs that are not dedicated IR LEDs will not put out enough light in the infrared spectrum to be at all useful when shined through an IR filter.

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I'd be completely lying if i said that didn't look absolutely awesome - i bet it cost a shedload though..


As for the whole me googling it thing, i should really have thought of that - my bad entirely, and i wouldn't have been offended at all, i just didn't think of the obvious!



Actually, i never think of the obvious.. i tend to get shot quite a lot as a result.

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Alright thanks guys, I'll see if those work; If anyone has a Mk18 RIS and wants to take their own pictures that would help too.


EDIT: Nevermind, the ones posted work fine; I'll post the finished product when I'm done...

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