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Some of you have seen this gun before, but I added some goodies. It started life as a Marui M733. It has the following modifications:


Flattop receiver added


King Arms CASV

Complete G&P 10" barrel assembly, turned and polished to look like stainless steel

King Arms Noveske KX3

Badger Ordinance Tac-Latch

HK416 rear sight

JG "Tango Down" style vertical foregrip





My original M203 fragged its mechbox and got parted out. I hadn't put much thought into another one until, while I was moving, I discovered a JG M16a2 in a box I thought was empty. I added an M4 barrel assembly, flattop receiver, mangonel rear sight, and D-Boys CASV. I'm particularly happy with the scratchbuilt gas tube, visible inside the CASV.


Future plans for this gun include a metal body and crane stock.

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Erik, i dont know if your aware of this or not, but the HK416 iron sights are not the same height as regular M4 iron sights. so the HK416 BUIS you have on your gun doesnt line up properly with the triangle from sight.


That rear sight is not an actual 416 sight, it's an HK style globe site. It co-witnesses perfectly.

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my favorite is #2, but i often have to use #1 for the extra battery capacity.

yes, i have considered pmags, and will most like get some eventually. but they arent cheap, and my tm standards work great.

the acog is moved back for usable eye relief. i dont really need a rear sight, as i wouldnt be able to use it there anyway. with the acog mounted. and i dont really plan on having it shot out ;)

and all that wear is real, boss. it adds character and realism anyway ;)


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