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AR15 Picture Thread

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Lets go back in time, before RIS, EOTech's, Aimpoints and Magpul.


I bought this at a game here in Illinois yesterday. The previous owner says its 10-15 years old, and he put in a new mechbox for it.




And with the signature sliding stock.




Im gonna take some new pictures when I put it all back together.

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I used to have one 3 or so years ago, and i miss it like a dead relative... Gah. Maglite, i'm sure you won't, but don't put anything on that other than a para-cord sling... you lucky git :D


Oh I wont. Good thing I bought a 50 foot length of para-cord. But I do plan on making it as BAMF as possible. A G&P Metal Receiver, A Tightbore barrel, maybe a Systema drop in mechbox, and make it LiPo ready. The battery space in those handguards is tiny!

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That was the biggest problem i had with mine... The biggest i could fit was an 8.4 700MaH (back in the days before NimH)... Still, i loved it so much i was more than glad to carry around 4 spares. Get some pictures up once it's metalised! I think i might try searching for one come payday..

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PIC request, can I have a clean M16A4 with PEQ 2 on the top rail just in front of the front iron sight and an ACOG. :P

doesnt exactly meet your requirements. but i figured it close enough. it looks much better with the PEQ on top, but it partially blocks the ACOG. maybe if you had a VFC PEQ, or a lower profile one, then it wouldnt get in the way, but i cant say for sure.




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sigmaboy: how do you like using a crane battery for your rifle? im planning on getting a stock very soon for mine that would take crane batteries... can you still retract and extend it? i have a MOSFET in my tube, so i figure i dont have much motion...


Dude, EMODs can take crane batteries.... You just have to remove the plastic piece G&P puts on em IIRC.

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I just got this battery myself:




I love the Elite 9.6v I have in my CA crane stock, but I can't retract it at all without starting to pinch wires.... So I got this LiPo battery because it only has two packs, and thus nothing will be in the buffer tube so in theory it will be able to retract all the way. Though this would be a good opportunity to put a MOSFET in there since I would be able to easily fit it.


Also, Joe, the G&P batteries are smaller, and I believe they may be able to fit in the EMOD. But I get what you're saying, the CA-style crane stocks are larger and thus can take the larger SubC cell batteries which is really nice.

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