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AR15 Picture Thread

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Wear marks are a thing of beauty, my friend. They give the rifle its own unique character.

Do you have any other pics? It's always a good idea to take them outside, in natural sunlight.



Very true. I love worn/painted guns for their character. If you take outdoor pics, try to take them in the early morning or about an hour or 2 before the sun goes down in the late afternoon. Take them with the natural lighting without a camera flash if possible.


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Cool. Is that real PEQ-15? :huh:



Extremely hard to get here in the states, even if you do have $5,000 +. So more than likely a replica.

But if it looks that good to fool someone, then he must be doing something right. Awesome setup BoE!

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BoE = ultimate geardoteam? :unsure:


That plus the sponsorship from the United States Army. From what I was told a while back thats how they get a lot of their spiffy NVG toys, that plus the fact some are also active duty.


btw BoE, awesome night fight vids on youtube.

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