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lightsabre pictors!

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If thats a picture of your sister on the fireplace she's looks hot!


I hear that everyday of my life from my friends... wow...


Probably not allowed to wear boots in the house.. carpet.


Boots are muddy from my last skirmish, so, I couldn't really wear them on the carpeting. The lighting in that room is the best in my house, so, I usually take pictures in there.


Vega must have ultra-zoom eyes installed..

You know there's already a lightsabre pictors thread yesh?


I forgot about the Lightsabre Pictors thread... sorry... my bad.

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Dude... your sister is hot.



Hey, show us that pic you posted on ASR (or was it someone else?) with the Han Solo picture..

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Both of the light sabres are owned by the guy on the left. All I know is that they are fairly expensive. He's take the anime comment as a compliment as he's a very avid follower of.. well... all things Japanese. Big into anime for sure, though.


Edit: Tekken does indeed rock and Hwoarang is my character of choice.

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