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I believe you are looking for this thread



Nope I wasn't looking for that thread, I know what thread I posted in and this is the appropriate one.


Cool RAV anyway! Am I seeing Pantac M4 mag pouches


And what would be so bad if those were Pantac pouches? But no they aren't Pantac they are TAG. I would have most likely gone with Pantac if I had not picked the TAG pouches up during a sale. I don't wear Ranger Green at work so Im not gonna drop stoopid ammounts of scratch for RG pouches when Pantac will work more than good enough for Airsoft. Especially if the color is correct. Nylon is Nylon it all holds a magazine and I am not a huge fan of the Paraclete pouches anyway. The little pissy face at the end of your comment is a little douchy, get over yourself.


MARS, cool HRT pics thanks for sharing those.

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Yeah I have been looking into it for some time and decided to start to put one together. I bought an MRE rail off of Ebaybanned but it is not playing nice and not installing the way I want. So the M4 MRE is still in the works. I pretty much have it GTG. I am getting an ANVIS mount for my ACH. That is my Personal VIP strobe but I was issued a few as well. I have one on my CIRAS I wear for work that I painted. Thanks for the comment on the rig, I hope to have some pics of me wearing it in game.

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@ BSMars: exactly, the few pics we have of "them" are old and dated. Just to re-iterate; because we don't see X unit wear Y gear in the few pics we have doesn't mean that they don't. Some members here have pics/first-hand info, etc. that they can't/won't share. I believe this has been echoed from other threads here. I'll leave it at that.


@ NavyMP: sometimes those CN made rails can be *fruitcagey*albatroth*, you need to tinker/mod it to work. I had the same issue with a replica 7" LaRue Tac rail (2 sides of picatinny rails were out of spec) and replica DD MK18 RIS II rail (barrel nut not threaded correctly).

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thx matfar.guess i'll have to do an inspired CAG loadout when i get back home, not dropping 700 on another vest setup cause im getting out, and i already got a MSA 2002 with anvis setup and 10.5" M4 but got a Khaki RBAV with BAE pouches :/

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