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Highspeed, you sure those guys are SF? I thought the 3 point norotos was pretty much a Seal-Exclusive?


It's used by many special forces, not just SEALs. It' the one-hole Norotos that seems to be exclusive to Rangers though I want ti sat tjat I've seen it on one or two PJ's.

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It's used by many special forces, not just SEALs. It' the one-hole Norotos that seems to be exclusive to Rangers though I want ti sat tjat I've seen it on one or two PJ's.


What he said Chevie. Another point-the EBR shooter is packing a Beretta M9, if they were SEAL's he'd have a Sig P226 for a sidearm.

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Thanks guys. Ah yes the safar!


Well its for a kimber/tl2/combat master with m3 in FDE. Which isnt easy to find in itself. Finally i found it on opticsplanet for a cheapish price. Made an order, then got an email telling me the order has been cancelled due to safariland asking them not to sell over seas to protect international distributers rights (or some rubbish). After some arguing they werent going to budge so i asked them to point me in the direction of a euro/uk seller. They couldnt and pointed me to safariland instead for a dealers list. I never heard anything back from them so i had to look myself. After a week of looking and finding about 50 shops that stock them, they had all either stopped stocking, only had glock ones in black, were the same price in £ as it was in $, told me that they are a restricted LE/mil item (lol) or just couldnt be bothered to get back to me. Luckily i got a friend in the US who was nice enough to buy it for me and offered to post it on. He put the order in and 3 days later recieved an email telling him they were out of stock and were going to order more in at the end of that week. At the end of the week he got another email telling him that safariland didnt have any made up in stock and would be doing another production run at the end of month on that model in that colour. Finally safari made them and sent them on to opticalplanet who sent them on to my friend in the states. Then it turned out that he lost my address and was waiting to catch me on msn before he could send on. When we finally caught up with each other and he posted it out he lost the tracking number on way back from the usps offive and 3 weeks later the item finally turned up. I did think that it had got lost in the post by the amount of time it was taking and to be honest all the problems i had getting hold of it in the first place, it really wouldnt have surprised me if it had of. And after all that it only just about bloody fits in any way wafter some mods :(


Kit list.



V-tech 2002 kyloned

G&P norotos mount

RS rhino arm

V-tech pvs14

RS ms2000 strobe

HSGI (i think) bunny ears

EBB nvg profile goggles (modded myself)

Surefire helmet light

Opscore H-nape straps

TCI Liberator II



Under armour T

EBB pcu

Pantac PACA tan

Pantac RRV cb

Pantac RRV backpack back pannel cb

pantac frag pouch cb

pantac utility pouch cb

pantac double m4 pouch cb

pantac double m4 shingle cb (which hold 4 in total not two like i wanted)

pantac radio pouch cb

pantac double .45 pistol pouch cb x2

Pantac fanny bag cb



Cant remember the name of the light next to frag pouch got a mind block sorry



Tag tactical armband

Oakley SI assault glove



CK boxers ;)

Issue tricolor (want to get these cryed up, pm me if you know any where that can help)

Blackhawk riggers belt

Safariland kimber w/m3 shortened

Atla knee pads

Seal skins thermal socks

Converse boots



VFC scar L with vfc silencer set, vfc peq15, hurricane eotech replica and g&p stubby qd vert grip. Mags have magpul ranger baseplates and old style standard magpuls.

TM based nova kimber warrior with king arms m3 body and g&p head.

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