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Plate carrier and CIRAS are both MJK, as are the SFLCS issue pouches; although you see the odd pouch sneaking in in a different colour.


ah i see! but what exactly is MJK and whats the easiest thing availible to it thats not 100% expensive! im in the wrong hobby to ask that i know :D



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Mich 2000*

Montura Rhino*

MS 2000 strobe*

Goggle Straps

Chin Straps

IR US Flag



Guantes Mechanix

Merrell Chameleon

PCU Lvl 5*

Acu Trousers

IR US Flag

Casio G-Shock

Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame


First Line


BDU Belt

Gerber Multitool


Second line


CIRAS Maritime Flyye

1 Pouch doble para cargadores m4

2 Pouch simples para cargador M4

1 Pouch médico

1 Pouch PRC 148

1 Pouch Smoke Grenade

2 Pouch Frag Grenade

2 Trifold ASP


Comtact II + Peltor PTT *


Third line


Camelbak HAWG 3 Desert Color







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Whats missing to make it complete? Looks really good :)


An a Beretta M92 and the BlackHawk CQC holster with Strike PLatform, thx for your comment


Loss the tabs and unit patch, hike up the CIRAS and you'll be gtg.


i will consider yours tips


What about a secondary?


ehmm i want the WE beretta M92 but now i´m saving money


Best Regards.-

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Tora Bora and similiar kit MRK had:





Everything is ready for photoshoot except I need to recieve my new ANVIS mount, LPBP and resin ANVIS nvg :P

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You are correct, Matt Johnson Khaki.


Cool thing about MJK is that its not as light as tan/khaki and not as dark as OD. It's kind of in the middle. Plus you can make it work with a variety of BDU patterns just like the real guys. MC, 3-color desert, woodland, desert/woodland digital, etc.


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