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Let´s say quickly that outer cummerbund is *fruitcage* horrible and id like to puch this vests designer to the neck :)

What is bad about the outer cummerbund specifically?


Is it worn out and really saggy, or just unnecessary b/c you cant access the mag pouches?


I kinda feel the same way about the elastic cummerbund on the PBPV.


Very nice vest btw. Is there a quad fold medic pouch on the back of that? If so, is it bigger or smaller than the Paraclete quad fold?

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As Mars said, there's been lots of good stuff lately.


Mysli, really diggin' your style man, keep it coming.


And to add a little, we had some pictures taken yesterday of our CAG team. A fourth member is on his way, just needs the final pieces.





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Mysl1 thanks for the info!


Ok guys! Now I need your help. I've got this vest (a high quality repro from the AWS CQB vest, but in WL):










And I need to know if it's khoser for a CAG loadout/impression. I know that a TAN one could be and my paraclete HPC is, but I need to know if this vest is valid.


Thanks in advacen to all!!!



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Thanks for the comments :)

*suitcase*. is that the version AEGARMS manufactured while ago?

I believe its cool. "We" CAGFAGs are not so picky when it comes to colors(Not like our brother, navysealtard who starts to fight if buckles are not black).

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Hahaha!!! we should shut up, because frogadicts are listening, hahaha!!


Yeah! I know that CAG is "free" on vest an camo, but I try to be as similar as possible LOL!!


Thanks again Mysl1!


Ah! No, isn't the AEGARMS one is the PROUD ACE CQB VEST and isn't on the normal way PROUD products are (medium quality) this is really high quality.



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