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tbh i run my regular leather belt for most applications, keeps my essentials at work druing the day and at the weekend it hold my trousers up and has strenght enough to support my pistol and associated pouches. the rest goes on my chest rig/carrier, i had a blast belt for a while but it was just too much molle and was too tempting to load it.

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New junk car appeared to our local airsoft field so I took an advantage from it :)













3col RAID BDU + Rigger belt

Mich 2002 with ANVIS mount and LPBP

Oakley M-frames

mechanix M-pact

Wellco desert boots

Peltor Comtacs



Paraclete HPC SG

AWS SF chestrig


Safariland 3004 1911


Hi-res photos.

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Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this blog the other day: http://g75goodenough.militaryblog.jp/


Lots of pictures of SOPMOD II rails and parts in actual use and on airsoft guns. I thought it was interesting since pics of DD rails (especially the M4A1) are hard to come by.


Just a warning, it will take a while to load since it is Japan based.



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Nice pics Mysl1!


Well guys, I need a little of your help.


Now that pantac is going to release his DA TRAUMA VEST I've started to work on an early 2000-2002 SF loadout.


I've got all the gear clear except the sider arm.


I know that the regular isued is the M9, but some operators use 1911 and I've heard and read something about some teams of the 5th SFG using USP.45 Tactical and I don't know what sidearm adopt.


Personally I'm in love with the USP .45 tactical and then with the 1911.


The M9 is pretty if goes with the "hard to find" surefire 333r/633r


Any opinion?

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They do: http://www.pantacgear.com/pantac.gear/product-do-view-productid-2535.html


Edit: and because it's first post in page new pics :D credit's for them goes to jimmysjogren from mp.net






A U.S. Special Forces soldier walks through a field in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.






A U.S. Special Forces soldier looks through the remains of an electronic device in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.







U.S. Special Forces soldiers search for suspected Taliban fighters in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.






Afghan national army commandos pose for a photo during an operation in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.






A U.S. Special Forces soldier speaks with village elders in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.






U.S. Special Forces soldiers and Afghan national army soldiers search a compound in Uruzgan, Afghanistan on April 24.

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Hi guys. Some pictures of team mates and myself in sf style. No partical unit just our own twist on things we like pulled together. I hope you like and that the images auto resize :S













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Ah right, thanks for elaborating bud. The right arm seems too far out of my price range for something that isnt even going to serve me. The NVGs arent real any way as im sure you've guessed :)


Regardless im switching to anvis/lpbp. Just looking for a 2001 and for a secure way to mount it doesnt involve drilling holes in it.

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msx i think fatal means i look young and shabby as hell...and yeah i agree with him! man oh man my ciras is sagging low as hell...i think i must have grown since i last played (5 months), and i can tell you my shoulders are feeling the pain from it not sitting properly! Plus i look like i got a "problem" and look young compared to you and albertus! *does anyone have any idea if Eagle or LBT do a tactical beard??*


before i play again i need to hike that ciras up.


Apologies for talking and no pics.

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It's the wrong arm? J or rhino? How do you mean boot?


You can never just say i look nice can you :P;)


I actually think your kit looks good, I'd just police up those chemlights and move the CAT so you can actually shoulder your weapon properly.

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