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The last I "saved" from the trash can.


Not fully "army SOF", there is 4 SMU reenactors, 1 SFG, 1 seal's, but who cares... It's a cool looking pic.




See you on the next shooting... later. Now we have to spend money...

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@ Tomster: great helmet! I say again, somebody in Asia needs to make a replica ANVIS mount and battery pack *cough-cough*


@ Speed: cool gear and pics. May I suggest that you guise go with either woodland or MC? ACU really shows in woodland.


Other players say it isn't fair to hunt us when were actually camofalged ;-)

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nice to see ya back hispeed, things have been quiet around these parts with out you (no homo!)


Aww, thanks man, haha. I haven't been on here forever-ie., SEAL threadz, AR threadz, etc. (Been busy playing with some RS.)


@ Skyflash: Wow... speechless. Great pics & cool gear again.


@ Speed: ah, gotcha, haha.

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this pic aint got nothing on skyflash et cagfag lot, but hey ho, got to keep the thread going :D . MSX on the right. I was gonna have my libs running too but the new PTT was playing ball :angry: so back to TCI it went. I put the original pic through befunky.com and added the filter, after that i blacked the faces out and added the infidel script for laughs.



Edited by greensta
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Looks cool nonetheless Aaron!


Skyflash, that last pic: WOW!


My RAV. I still want to change and add a few things. I want to replace the med pouch with a GP pouch, but it's low priority right now. Oh and don't mind the black lanyard, I was testing it as a sling and was too lazy to take it off.







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