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Jolly: It's bladetech holster and at that time it was attached with zipties as the molle lok screws started to loosen up after a while (Note to self: get loctite). I'd prefer the draw with the holster being vertically straight.

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Thanks guys. The beard was epic, but i was made by the missus to shave it off. Unless your a lucky guy and have a missus that likes 'em, prepare to go without *** until its gone.


Grantfallen the boot are Merrell Chameleon Evo Mid GTX.

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To all of you interested on the pantac aws da trauma vest:


I've bought it on rsov. I don't know the reason why the have removed from their product list (pantac have made the same). The vest cost 140usd with shipping.


The easiest for all is write to rsov and pantac requesting the vest to be back on stock and requesting the related accesories of the vest (pouches, shoulder pads, etc.)


For pantac write to this e-mail: gzdany@21cn.com is the one from dany, pantac service-representative guy. I think that if the received several mails of diferent people requesting the vest, maybe could back to stock.


Also, ask for the spear system and the aws cqb vest they are supposing working on it :D



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Ok guys! here you have the link to the thread I've opened at pantac's forum regarding the vest: http://www.pantacgear.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=94&extra=


Please write on there to request the re-stock of the vest and the manufacture of the aditional accesories. Ah! and if you want SPEAR SYSTEM, DOAV in woodland and this kind of "old school" gear, write on there too!!!



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