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Yep. It's good for what its made for, but would I pay $100 for it...maybe. Should others no. Toy Soldier makes a replica one in black for a lot cheaper on ebay.




Excellent. I'll have to try one of these out. Maybe if I really like it, I'll shell out for the real one. Thanks for the link.

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Hi mates! I need some help from you.


Recently I've just acquired a surefire 633r for my M9. The problem is that seller doesn't ships international and my friend on the US is "out of service" I need a good person who receive the flashlight and then ship it to me. Of course and for sure, I've pay all the shipping cost.


Thanks in advance to all!

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They are Tokyo Marui Tracer Units and MAd bull Glow Rounds. .25's The PVS are a nice advantage however I have had 6 sets of skull crushers deployed in the fights and they we dominated by simple light stratagies. You have to be there to understand.

The nods have pros and cons sometimes I like my natural night sight and other times the PVS 14's . Its a risk for sure in regards to exposing them to inbound rounds.

Here is another Video from a Special Forces Style Mission we did.



Apprx 3 min hell breaks loose.

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Kit is obviously fantasy land, as the radio I have been waiting for still hasnt come..


Eagle Assault Plate Carrier

Mayflower TQ Holder with TQ

LBT Kangaroo Pouch

BFG 10 Speed



Paraclete Double 9mm with Glock (KCI actually but for a G19) Mags

10 Speed on Back (cant see)

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