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For those of you who are observant, yes, you are correct, it does bear remarkable resemblance to my Ranger loadout, mainly due to the fact that it is composed of nearly the same exact gear save for the color. ;)


And here we go. It's for the most part the beginnings of an accurate SF impression, save for the RG Medic pouch. It needs an SFLCS medic pouch, MBITR pouch, and it's slayin' bodies, goodtogo?




Please ignore the 557 and 16" barrel... :(

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It's probably not his gun since that's a training class and as I recall not limited to SF types.

That pic wasn't taken at a training class (are you thinking of the Range 37 pics?), it was taken at a Capability Exercise held at Ft. Bragg this year and attended by JCOC (the same event where the Rangers were pictured wearing MJK plate carriers FYI). Funnily enough this demo event was actually staged on Ranger 37!


Couple of additional pics from the same event...







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Relevant bits;



Crye Airframe w/ANVIS - the light that is glowing is a G2 w an IR bulb

LBT 6094 Slick w/Mayflower

BFG Soc-C belt (could have left it off honestly but it was fine - I had it mostly to have pouch for ANVIS)



MICH 2002 w/Wilcox L3G10 and ANVS-MA (that SightOwl Gen2+ PVS14)

Paraclete Concealment RAV Carrier

TT 2 Piece MAV w/Paraclete Pouches


It was also kind of wet (had rained all day so ground and grass was soaked, didnt rain during).

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