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Which mich 2001 replica is that? I currently have one that fits decently, but is a bit big on me, and I am in search of one that is a slight bit smaller.


It's the ebairsoft copy with RS pads and suspension system.


However I've got a 63 inch head so I can say with conviction that it's highly unlikely it's smaller than what you have now ;)


on another point- MSA sordins are on the way :D

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thank the lord for that i read that about 3 times and thought wow that is big then I realised my waist is only 34 inch and I was thinking now you get all sorts on the interweb but a 68 inch head thats quite something, 1.72 meters circ thats over 50 CM diameter lol

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I'd repaint the entire thing with Krylon or Rust-Oleum khaki. The ACM "tan" tends to be too bright, in my experience.


I've got Rustoleum camo, khaki and brown.


Would a flat repaint job do the trick? I sprayed the khaki onto my VFC's LE stock, which used to be jet black, and it's still friggin' bright.

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Is that an M870 with a colt python grip??!?



nice pic, RS or airsoft?


That is a RS picture, it is Major Thomas Greer aka Dalton Fury, the commanding officer of the failed 2001 Bin Laden capture/kill attempt, to the right is his buddy "Shrek", I believe. He posted this picture on his facebook regarding Delta Force Leadership Tips.

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