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Be warned that VFC paint comes off much more than G&P stuff- luckily I started the wear on the stock tube and noticed before I risked fubaring the body!


Cheers though man it's very easy to do, it's boom_headshot's weathering guide :) Just khaki krylon, a layer of spirit and a fine brillo pad.

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3 color RAID

Danner boots

OR gaitors

BHI Duty Belt w. BHI M4 drop leg, LBT medic and gunner pouch, suspender

Black Ops PC w. LBT mag pouch, BHI radio pouch (old gen. with ALICE Clips and Belt loops), Gerber Ivo, Hydrastorm Tide

TCI Liberator headset

Hatch Operator gloves

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thanks ^^


this dirty little fellow showed up the other day








buckle marked 2000

came complete with belt and BHI radio pouch w. belt loops/alice clips





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I hope this isn't too redundant, but the several pics of Army SF with glocks have all been 19's correct? The pictures that come to mind particularly clearly are the ones with the two guys walking through the field (the huge pic with really bright colors, I believe they are both wearing RBAV's) and the snowy pictures where the guys are wearing ACU. Hopefully you guys know which ones I mean, as it may be kinda hard to pin down which ones I'm talking about just from a description. I will try to find them if I can.

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Are the glock 17 and 22 externally identical in dimensions, just firing different rounds? Is the 19 and the 23 the same too? If they are, then as far as airsoft is concerned, they are exactly the same thing minus the number on the slide. I'm trying to decide between a KSC and TM glock, and I am curious what you guys reccomend. I am a little wary of TM because they don't fit properly in a safariland.

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