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I run a TM 17 on my updated SF kit, holstered in either a BladeTech (no weapon light) or a BHI Serpa (weapon light). The BladeTech is a 17 compatible model and works fine, whereas the Serpa is for a 21 I think and fits the 17 and weapon light without any issues. Had intended to get a Safariland for the 17 initially but now not going to bother as I'm very happy with both holsters.

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I am a little wary of TM because they don't fit properly in a safariland.


False. My TM Glock 17 custom ( The FDE version) fits my 6280 just fine. I do have the version that holds the X300 light on it as well, but I have had no issues with it fitting in my Safariland.


Having owned 3 KSC/KWA Glocks and my TM Glock, I'd take a TM Glock hands down. The action and trigger are much smoother, along with the fit and finish. The TM also shoots much flatter than my KSC/KWA's ever did.

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Im looking at building a loadout based on Delta during the rescue of Kurt Muse. Could anyone say what load carrying gear/assault vest theyd be using? would they be wearing some sort of armour underneath?



Is this any use to you?



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