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Oops, I didn't realize the same question was asked just above. As for the pic nasty linked to, it really could be either, and I don't think there is really enough evidence there to judge between the two. Just because it's got the shoulderpads from one PC, it doesn't necessarily mean that's what it is. Either way, I'm still interested in APC pics.

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time for some oldskool





















Black Ops Kandahar plate carrier

LBT medic p.

Shooting Systems shingle

BHI Tidal Rave hydro carrier


EI duty belt

EI SAS III holster

LBT gunner p.

BHI lanyard

BHI M4 drop leg old gen.

BHI double pistol mag p.


Danner Acadia desert boots

Hatch Operator gloves

OR gaitors

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So I got my Combat Uniform in finally, though it appears the elbow pads are on back order. I'm having problems installing my ANVIS Adapter to a Rhino Arm base. Also looking for a kosher MBITR pouch and PTT. So my current Kit List is as follows:


Crye Precision AC Combat Uniform

CP Airflex Knee Pads

Issued Hot Weather Boots

ACU Belt

Mechanix M-Pact Gloves


Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier

BFG Ten-Speed Triple M4 Pouch

Mayflower 5.56 Triple Insert


Tyr Mini Hydration Pouch

Source 1.5L Bladder

BHI CQC Holster for G17



USGI Rhino Mount



Ops-Core H-Nape

MSA Sordin Headset

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- Crye Combat Uniform, Multicam

- Merrill MOABs

- DRA ballistic FAST


- Eagle Industries SFLCS MBAV


- SFLCS double mag pouch

- SFLCS single mag pouch

- EI Gen II admin pouch

- TAG MBITR pouch

- TT smoke pouch

- SFLCS 100 rd SAW pouch

- SFLCS canteen pouch

- SFLCS MSAP shoulder pads


- VFC MK17

- Barska 1.5-4.5x scope

- Ferro GPS pouch Multicam

- Garmin Foretrex 301

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Season started wohoo!


Super horrible pics of todays kit taken by druken cameraman :




Mich 2002 with anvis

Propper khaki bdu

Pre-msa Paraclete khaki mesh carrier

Pre-msa FLC with Pre-msa pouches

3004 safariland for 1911

AWS breacher

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