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Thanks a lot guys


Did SF use RAVs?


Ahh okay great, some pics would be good if you can dig 'em out


Its nice not having to buy a new rig for every loaodut


Pretty sure I've posted pics of SF wearing RAVs, and UCP cammies before; but for the sake of it...





(Two on show here - first left and first right on three at bottom of the pic)

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After an involuntarily break ...




Tactical Tailor 2pc MAV
2 x BHI double M4 pouch from the R.A.C.K.
2 x BHI grenade pouch dito R.A.C.K.
1 x USGI LC2 Mag
1 X LBT Gunner
1 x sterile M60

Hydrastorm Carrier

TCI Headset


DCU Raid Top
BDU Pants
Danner Boots
OR Gaitors
BHI operator gloves




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FMA Maritime (M/L)

-Ops-Core VAS Shroud

-Ops-Core Fitband / Harness

-Ops-Core Pads

-Ops-Core Maritime Rails

-Ops-Core Mesh Helmet Cover

-Princeton Tec Switch

-Contour ROAM2

-Peltor Comtac III Headset

-Peltor Rail Adapters

-FMA Hel-Star 5

-FMA L4G24


1st Line:

TYR Tactical Gunfighter

-Crye Precision GunClip

-TYR Tactical 6x4 General Purpose Pouch

-Emdom-MM Dump Pouch


-TYR Tactical Small Flashlight Pouch


2nd Line:

Crye Precision AVS

-Crye Precision AVS Detachable Flap, M4

-Dimmer Switch Tactical Double M4 Magazine Pouch

-TYR Tactical 5x5 General Purpose Pouch

-TYR Tactical Micro-SOF IFAK

-TYR Tactical Assaulters Zip On Platform 50oz Hydration

-Source 1.5L Reservoir

-SkyEye Tactical Nexus U94 PTT

-Quansheng TG-UV2 Radio



Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt

-Crye Precision AirFlex Elbow Pads

Crye Precision AC Combat Pants

-Crye Precision AirFlex Knee Pads

Merrell MOAB Ventilators

-Feetures! Elite Merino Ultra Light Quarter Socks

Crye Precision Frag Shorts 02

PIG FDT-Alpha Gloves



VFC MK18 Mod 1

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Are you running the AVS in the plate carrier configuration? If so how do you like it? Does it seem comfortable? Do the plate bags fit right or tend to sag? And how well does the detachable mag M4  flap stay in place when in use?

Well, it is a plate carrier. There are so many different configurations you could use. I'm using the Standard Plate Bags, 3-Band Cummerbund, and M4 Flap.


The flaps velcro down after being weaved through a row of MOLLE, so it's not going to move around at all.



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Crye CPC



- Crye 9mm x2


- Crye Roll-Up Dumper



- Crye Double M4

- Crye IFAK

- Motorola HT1000



- M320*

- S&S M320 Holster

- Crye Small GP



- Eagle Slap Charge

- Crye Hydro

- Crye FB x3

- Crye Smoke

- Crye Thermo


Crye Airframe*

- Airframe Cover

- Airframe Rails

- Princeton Tec MPLS

- Helstar 5*

- Anvis Mount & LPBP

- Comtac IIIs with Crye adapters


I think that's about it.

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It's nice, but for what it is (practically speaking), it's definitely not worth it. However, given how uncommon they are coupled with the SWAG factor, it was worth it to me.


That said, I just sold the whole setup as I have no use for a 320 'round these parts.

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